Describe Diabetes Management Programs and whether They are Efficacious

Diabetes is an illness affecting people with high ranges of sugar in their blood as a result of inadequate production of insulin or reduced response of body cells to insulin. Diabetes management programs are insights developed to help those suffering from diabetes in an attempt to curb prolonged effects of the disease (McFarlane, 2012).

Diabetes management programs are guidelines presented to diabetic people to implement in their day-to-day lives. These programs may be rather efficient when practiced accordingly, and they go a long way to ensuring people suffering from diabetes stay healthy. Since diabetes poses a significant threat to the heart, one needs to manage their cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. Additionally, diabetic people need to maintain a diabetes diet, engage in physical activity, adhere to prescribed medicine and watch their feet for bruises, swells and wounds. Any anomalies should be reported to the doctor immidiately.

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How do Individual Differences Affect Diabetes Management?

Diabetes management mainly depends on an individual and their willingness to adhere to the recovery plan. A diabetic person needs to have a purpose to get well and customize their living conditions to fit the changes necessary for a healthy life.
Religious and cultural beliefs can come in the way of diabetes management (Zazworsky et al., 2006). For instance, during Ramadan, adjustments have to be made to suit a Muslim’s timetable as well as their diabetes management plan. Culture can also affect one’s choice of medication prescribes. This could be in line with their doctrine of never taking medication.

In conclusion, diabetes management programs are entirely adequate. Managing diabetes should not be a bother as one needs an attitude of flexibility, change a few things in their current lifestyles and adhere to their doctors’ instructions and prescriptions. Living healthy with diabetes is mainly an individual’s obligation as they are responsible for implementing the necessary measures.

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