My primary interest in medical industry started when I was about 12 years of age. During this time, I had encountered many experiences with health care providers especially those who were working in a nearby health center. Of great significance to my career was how they handled me when I had a boil on my left rump. This experience ignited the passion in me. From then I started paying close attention to how the doctors attended to their patients. I was later told by my parents that I always liked playing the role of a healthcare provider at home after this incident. My age mates nicknamed me ‘doctor’ because after school I would pass by the health center and assist in such duties as entertaining the convalescent children. The doctors kept on encouraging me to be visiting ‘my people’-the children who would always be cheerful when they saw me.   

During my high school studies, I performed very well in the sciences, arts, and business studies. Biology, in particular, has remained to be my best subject since it helps me in understanding the general functioning of the human body. When the time to go to the university came, none, not even my own parents could convince me to pursue any other career than health science.

During summers, I could offer my services through working with the UN medical agencies. This attachment was another of its kind that would reinforce my passion for the healthcare industry. My major responsibility was dressing of patients’ wounds. The positive recommendation I received from the medical agencies will always serve as a hall mark for my practical experience in the medical field.

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My first two years in the university were marked by intensive desire to know more about the health sciences. This led to my realization that this field is very broad and would require more specialization as one progress. This unyielding spirit ignited in me a passion for medical books and constant consultation with the best lecturers and professors in the faculty. They were my role models since they appreciated my curiosity and inquisitiveness as far as health care issues were concerned. Pleased by my intellectual curiosity, one of my professors decided to enroll me as one of his assistant researchers into the field of pathology, the branch of medical science that deals with the causes, nature, effects, and cure of diseases. I enjoyed the theoretical aspect of this research since most of my questions were being answered. I graduated with honors in Bachelor of Science, Health Science. 

I am gifted with a curious mind and an insatiable pursuit for knowledge. An ideal program for me is one that has a strong clinical as well as academic foundation, a program that is focused on instilling clinical and technical skills into its students while at the same time providing a nurturing environment that enhances optimal learning. I am convinced that my extensive investigation to find out the best medical school was not misleading. Your school is my choice since it has the best facilities for medical practice, outstanding lecturers, and a great track record of its ability to produce some of the world’s prominent professionals in different medical fields. Once I complete my medical studies, I intend to offer my services to the underserved regions in the society.  

With my personal experiences described above, I am certain that my qualifications meet the standards and general expectations of your institution. I have had a good experience in the medical field as a student in the health sciences. I have also done a number of the premedical courses for applying to medical school. So far I have obtained exceptionally good marks in all these courses. I am strongly convinced that my application will meet your kind consideration to enable me gain acceptance in to this great school.

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