Fluid balance is responsible for the circulatory (heart, blood, blood vessels and lymphatic), respiratory, and renal systems. This organ forms essential part of the day-to-day activities of various body parts. However, interactions of these systems may result to edema and shock. Society of Critical Care Medicine (2001), edema normally occurs when excess fluid accumulates in the tissues, thus leading to swelling of feet, hands and fingers among other body parts. The fluid builds up because of leaking that take place in the capillaries. Edema occurs due to increased pressure in the circulatory systems, tissue damages or obstruction in the blood flow. On the other hand, shock is caused by insufficient circulation of the blood in the body, due to primary failures that takes place in the ventricles, thereby leading to ineffective functioning. In order to prevent edema and shock, proper circulation of the blood and other fluids in the body must be enhanced. In my own way, I prevent occurrences of edema and shock, by engaging in physical exercises during leisure time, hence reducing stress levels as well as limiting salt intake.

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Banning medical marijuana

For a long time, medical marijuana, a physician recommended herbal therapy, has been used to treat various diseases, such as mental disorders, breast and brain cancer among other notable diseases. However, debates have emerged on whether to ban the growing and selling of marijuana for the medical purposes. This is based on several complains by patients who are being treated with marijuana against their desire and other notable reasons. Based on the role played by the marijuana in treating the above named diseases, it is clear that banning its use will hinder effective treatment of these diseases. In addition, instead of banning the use of medical marijuana, health care professionals, including pharmacists, should be allowed to make amendments on the constitutional protections, thus allowing them to discuss marijuana use with patients (Watson, 2011).

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