The scope of the speech is to analyze the rising issues regarding sperm banks. It is focused on different articles by different authors who use different techniques to emphasize on the need to regulate sperm banks. They describe the necessity to eliminate incest and spread of heredity defects.

Articles to be discussed:

“Confessions of a Sperm Donor,” by Martin Bashir, ABC News editor

Techniques used include use of Negative description of sperm banks and use of pathos to victimize the patients

“One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring,” by Jacqueline Mroz of the New York Times

He uses the technique of Inflicting fear through repetition of the word “grow” as a device to tie the fear factor, builds anticipation, and grabs reader’s attention.

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“Limit Pregnancies by same Sperm Donor: Fertility Experts”, an article by by Tom Blackwell in the national post

Devices used include use of harsh phrases like “inadvertent incest”, and “spread of generic malformations” to evoke fear.

“Sperm Donor ‘Super Dads’ –Why it is Dangerous for One Donor to Sire Dozens”, of the ABC news by Courtney Hutchinson

He uses the technique of language spinning to influence pathos. He also employs similes `by referring to the resulting families as a polygamous society.

Closing remark:

In conclusion, all these articles presents a sensitive issues which calls for immediate reforms. Writers use different techniques to compel arguments regarding sperm banks regulation. Authors pick the same topic, makes their articles look unique using almost similar techniques to evoke emotion.

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