The United States healthcare system is in no doubt in a crisis. Many citizens are currently not enjoying health insurance as it is expected. The health costs are extremely high compared to the salaries and wages most Americans are getting. In addition, the employers who pass the effects of inflation to their employees make the situation worse, since more and more Americans are becoming incapable of affording quality healthcare. Compare to other developed capitalist nations, the United States is faring poorly. This comparison revels that citizens of most developed countries enjoy a comprehensive health insurance cover and that their per capita healthcare cost are lower.

In the last ten years, the insurance premiums have doubled thus making health insurance unaffordable to millions of Americans. In addition, high medical bill are leaving many American broke, or in debt meaning that the effects of the crisis are far reaching. According to the organization healthcare for all in California, medical bills are now causing a half of personal bankruptcies in that state. The crisis is also made worse by inadequate healthcare facilities, which have been overstretched badly. As at 2006, the emergency visits were standing at 120 million every year compared to 90 million ten years back (Singer 9). This is still the same to hitherto, whereby many people are demanding proper facilities that are unavailable.

The situation can be blame on the ailing United States economy, which has resulted from different factors. First, most people are citing the involvement of the United States in other parts of the world. For instance, the country is spending more on its military activities in the Middle East. This is increasing the national expenditure, which is mainly addressing security issues. High inflation rates are also affecting the country’s economy thus denying the people some essential services. Other market conditions have also prompted the increase in healthcare, in the United States. The shift of non-profit to for profit healthcare is also causing the increase in healthcare expenses in the country (Farrell).

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The health care crisis has attracted a lot of attention from the American citizens. Politicians have used the issue to push for different agenda, with some being elected or rejected because of their views on the issue. President barrack Obama come to power with lots of promises as stipulated by his campaign slogan ‘Yes we can’ in 2008. This has given birth to the Obamacare bill, which seeks to deal with the healthcare problems. Although the bill was facing a lot of criticism, president Obama was able to push for its passing by a simple majority. Obama developed the bill to address three key issues.

First, the bill will protect all American from malpractices by insurance companies. In this sense, the bill seeks to block any attempts by insurance providers to adjust their premiums northwards arbitrarily. Secondly, Obamacare seeks to ensure that individuals and small-scale businesses have an equal right to access private healthcare insurance like other high status members of the society. This will be propelled by tax cuts for such groups basing on their incomes (Sargis 17). Finally, president Obama intends to bring down the cost of insurance virtually for everyone. This is by bringing down the country’s deficit by as much as $1 trillion in the next two decades. Although the Obama care seems more realistic, critics argue that it is impractical. This is because the bill will only address a section of American, leaving other outside. Offering tax cut to middle class citizens is seen as a socialistic move where the rich will be forced to cater for the poor in terms of healthcare. In other words, the Obamacare is not addressing the issue properly. Unless more economy sensitive measures are taken, the country will remain in the current crisis. Otherwise, it is arguably true to say the situation with the current healthcare system in the U. S. qualifies as a market failure because the problem can be traced deep into nonfunctional market phenomena.

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