People with terminal illness have a short life to live. Patients with such illnesses should be told about the disease so that they can prepare psychologically. These illnesses affect them physically whereby they feel pain and they opt for death. In cases where the person suffering is loved by the relatives, they are affected both physically and psychologically. These people mourn even when they know the patient’s life is short, and this may affect their daily lives. The ideal death for such people is euthanasia whereby a person dies easily and with no pain. This death is caused by another person such as doctors with the aim of ending pain of the person with the terminal illness. Diseases such as cancer are very painful to the patient, and the best way for the patient to die is to kill him or her peacefully and painlessly. Although euthanasia is illegal in US, and it is punishable by death, it is the best death for a person identified with terminal disease (Sneiderman & Kaufert, 1994).

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Euthanasia is either involuntary or voluntary. Voluntary is when that person demands to be killed so as to end suffering and pain. Involuntary is killing the person with terminal disease mercifully as requested by a family member or the caregiver of the patient. In this case, where the patient is a person one loves it is then advisable to use involuntary euthanasia in order to end the pain he or she is experiencing. Here, the doctor or specialist ends the life of the patient after determining that the disease is terminal, and that it cannot be reversed. The person with the illness should not be aware of the euthanasia if it is done involuntary. However, the patient should be taken care of by the family members and not abandoning him or her due to the fact that she or he is going to die. When the patient dies, they should give him or her respectful burial (Sneiderman & Kaufert, 1994).

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