Integrative medicine involves much more that the routine medical check ups and operations. Patients undergoing an integrative medical procedure may be engaged in such activities as fitness, nutrition classes, yoga, meditation, tai chi and many other activities which  have positive influence on health.

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach to treatment. It is usually referred to as treating the whole person.  The Duke Centre for integrative medicine makes use of both alternative and western medicine. Integrative medicine owes its popularity with patients as it introduces cultural elements to the treatment process making it easy for the patients to understand.

Pain Management

There are many complementary approaches to pain management. One of them is movement therapy, which involves body movements that have healing effects on the body. The concept of movement therapy originated from Eastern countries and was first used there by medical practitioners. Qigong and Tai Chi are classical examples of movement therapy. They have been in use in China for years and are known to improve balance, cardiovascular health, promote mental health and instill emotional well-being. Yoga, another kind of movement therapy that originated in India, is known to address spiritual, physical and mental problems of individuals. Other physical therapies include the Alexandre technique, the Feldenkrais method and the Trager approach; all of them were developed in the west.

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Balanced Living

Andrew Mails describes integrative medicine as medication that rejuvenates the spirit, the mind and the body. He further outlines the principles of integrative medicine. First, there is a partnership between the practitioner and the patience. It also involves consideration of the sum of factors affecting health. Integrative medicine mixes conventional medicine with alternative medicine. It also encourages the use of natural interventions. Other principles outlined by Mails include emphasis on preventive medicine and training of practitioners to embrace the method.


The video gives the basic instructions one needs to follow while practicing yoga. It explores the recommended physical orientation of the body. It is a stage by stage demonstration. First the listener is shown the required positioning of the hands. Proper breathing is also emphasized. While breathing, one is required to feel the rhythm of breath by holding ribs and moving upper chest in a particular way. It gives direction of the steps to be followed to get the right inhalation and exhalation, which must be strictly observed in yoga.

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