A headache is a symptom which is often associated with many illnesses. Headaches can also come as a result of over-working and general fatigue. This illness has various treatments including herbal medications and prescription drugs. Tea is one of the major stimulants that have been used to quench headaches. It is a key remedy to relieving headaches and fatigue. This paper highlights a simple test done at home to verify the effect of tea on fatigue and headaches (Ell, 2011).     

After a long week of hard work that culminated with mid-term exams, headaches were inevitable. I had a severe headache for a couple of hours by the time I reached home. After taking water to relieve my thirst, I remember the cup of tea that my dad always takes after work. According to his theory, tea is a stimulant which has remarkable results within a short while. I decided to try this theory.

Type of Informal Research Method Used

I prepared a concentrated cup of tea and took it while relaxing at the couch. I did not realize how I slept off the couch, but I woke up two hours later. My headache was gone and I felt less exhausted. After taking supper, I took another cup of tea then retired to bed. To my amazement, I woke up strong and sober (Chapman, 2012).

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Two days later, I advised this remedy to my classmate. We took the same tea after school while working on term papers. He later called to inform me of the remarkable improvement he had noticed, because he was able to finish his assignments at home without sleeping at the table. In order to verify this at home, I measured the same amount of tea used previously and made another cup for my father. I made a point of asking him of any changes the following day, which he proved the theory to be true. 

How is this Research Method Similar to Psychologist’s Research Methods?

This method can be compared to an experimental design used by psychologists. The method has both dependent and independent variables. Although this method did not include a placebo, it can be likened to a case study based on previous experiences of using painkillers (Sanders, 2009).

What can be Changed when Given another Opportunity?

Such a study can be well-designed in order to establish a better conclusion. In this case, another opportunity will be the best to develop a strong team of participants with a suitable placebo to study the effect of tea as a way of treating fatigue and relieving headaches. 

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