My desire for a career in medicine started way back in primary school when I was a small kid of 9 years. My childhood friend, Kenneth, and I were playing hide and seek game one Friday after school. Kenneth had sought refuge at the top of a tall tree and as I started to search for him, he realized that I was going on the opposite direction from where he was and in a frantic effort to get down before I spot him, he fell down and was severely injured. I immediately asked for help from whoever I could reach. "Hang on Ken, you'll be alright", I urged him as he popped his eyes out not muttering a word. Assessing my friend, I was struck by sobriety as the gravity of the situation struck me, my adrenaline running like never before thinking that my friend was a dead man. His right leg had no doubt been broken while the left seemed to mangle with a compound fracture as he was oozing blood from his mouth and nose. He was later to hospital and thanks to doctors; my friend is now well and enjoys good health.

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Medicine for sure saves lives and my passion for medicine had just started.  I liked how through medicine lives are saved, ailments are cured, pain is alleviated and in overall making life better for all. This was compounded by the doing good for others culture that runs in my family that prompted my decision to pursue a career in medicine.

Later after I completed my high school, I got the chance to volunteer my services for one and half years at a nearby regional hospital. There at the hospital I learned the importance of organization and that of effective communication to the patients. I was also exposed to diversities that do exist in the society, how great minds do use complicated equipments and that satisfaction one gets when sick people do get well. I now do view medicine as a multi-faceted profession; its power of healing although it disheartens when you try your best but death comes and takes the patient. I have since loved medicine as a profession and look forward as a physician when I'll be able to experience the satisfaction of saving lives, alleviate pain, cure ailments and make life better for my patients.

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