Type 2 diabetes also known as the non-insulin dependent diabetes is the most commonly found type of diabetes. Unlike in type 1 which is caused by low production of insulin levels, type 2 is mainly associated by high levels of sugar found in blood. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes tend not to respond effectively to insulin. This kind of resistance is known as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is associated to the failure of the liver, fat and muscle cell to respond correctly to insulin therefore, causing the blood sugar not to reach to the cell. When the blood sugar is not stored in the cell the body no energy is stored in an individual body.

It have been proven that people who are overweight tend to be at a higher risk of been affected by this kind of diabetes as compared to those who are of standard weight. This is because the overweight people have a lot of cholesterol within their bodies which interferes with the body ability of using the insulin being produced. Type 2 diabetes is also associated to generics and family history (Bode, 37).

What happen to cellular level leading to one acquiring type II diabetes?

When the sugar levels in the blood are high, the beta cell found in the pancreas releases a certain amount of insulin into the blood stream. The insulin released assist in the movement of the glucose into various cell found in different body muscles (Nermoen et al, 132). It also ensures there is effective conversion of glucose into glycogen which is stored into the cell for the provision of energy. The process of conversion assists in the prevention of high levels in the blood glucose.

According to Bode (38) an individual with a certain generic condition tend to poses abnormal beta cells within the pancreas leading to type 2 diabetes. The rise in the level of the blood sugar cause the receptors found in the cells to become less sensitive to detect or react to the insulin being produced. When this happens the pancreas will continue with the production of more insulin causing the beta cell not to withstand the amplified demand for insulin hence the blood glucose level remains high.

What type of research is being conducted to find a cure for the type 2 diabetes?

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As Nermoen et al (133) notes diabetes is considered to being one of the most deadly diseases found in the world. Due to its lack of cure, medical practitioners have been constantly been involved in various researches so as to curb the rising up of individuals being affected by the disease. Many questions and answers are yet to be asked and found about this killer disease. There have been need for the researches to work hard in hand with the community so that the answers to the many questions to be found.

The recent research that was carried out by Trinity College in Dublin was conducted so as to find out how young people can prevent themselves from being attacked by the type 2 diabetes. It demonstrated new mechanisms which explain why the resistance in the insulin occurs. It was very evident that majority of the young people have bad eating habit and do not engage in physical activities. This is kind of lifestyle has greatly contributed to the young generation to suffer from the type 2 diabetes. Due to this lifestyle most young people are been affected by the disease which was commonly known to affect the old people (Nermoen et al, LE24).

For instance, the diabetes control and complication trial have been involved in various researches in finding the root cause of the type 2 diabetes (Nermoen, 135). The researched indicated that ensuring that the sugar level is close to normal slows down the development and inception of the kidney, eye and the nervous disease which is caused by type 2 diabetes. The study was to compare the effect of the regimens which is a standard therapy and the intensive control of the type 2 diabetes.

From various researches, it is very evident that the type 2 diabetes can be prevented. There are several simple lifestyle measures that have been found to be very effective in the prevention or in the delaying of the commencement of this disease. For example, constant maintenance of body weight and regular physical activities has been found to assist in the prevention of this disease. It is therefore the responsibility of every individual to ensure that he ensure he is consuming a balanced diet and engaging herself in various exercises.

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