Health care support programs are programs that give support to the chief health programs in a nation. These programs are vital, since they deal with the things that do not get consideration from the major programs. Every health care support program deals with something unique. Therefore, there are numerous health support programs that crop up with every passing day. In this essay, the basic health care support program is Medicare. This is a program that has become prevalent and popular in America. The program became popular due to the unique services that it provides.

Description of the Program

Medicare is a program that was introduced in 1965 by the federal government of USA. It is a social insurance program that functions as a health care support program. The main aim of the introduction and implementation of this program is to guarantee the health insurance for a certain group of people. It deals with the elderly Americans who are at the age of 65 and above and also with younger people with disabilities. The main thing that the program engages in is the spreading of all the financial risks that have their origin from illnesses. This category can be spread  over a huge number of people in America (DeParle 1998). Therefore, this program is interested in the protection of every American citizen. This means that it is not profit oriented. The enrollees of the program are given a choice to decide. They have an option to choose the single payer health care. Alternatively, they might choose to use the Medicare advantage plan. This is when the federal government pays for the private health coverage.


As it was mentioned above, the audience of this program is a potent source of interest. This is because the program is aimed at helping people who have been disadvantaged in the society. It is much easier to mishandle a person who has disabilities that any other citizen. It is also easier to neglect one’s duties when dealing with older people. The reason for that is that older people may not be in condition to argue or fight for their rights. This is a factor that was considered by the program when it was being formed. It sought to deal with the people who cannot speak for themselves. The greatest healthcare programs in America may not take this into consideration. Most of the healthcare programs tend to treat all people equally. However, this is not the fact on the ground. Everyone cannot be treated equally. This is because the levels of abilities differ. This difference is caused by age and other disabilities that may occur. Therefore, this is a perfect audience for a health care support program.

Services Offered by the Program

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The services of this program are based on the belief that everyone has the legal and constitutional right to medical care. However, the government may find it hard to take care of all the medical issues of all the citizens. Therefore, its services are focused on the population that has little ability. This incorporates the people who are above 65 years old and those that are under that age, but are disadvantaged. It also incorporates people who are in the dialysis of the final renal disease stage (Blumenthal 2003). This can also include people who require a kidney transplant. This program avails the insurance, whereby, the affected audience pays premium to the insurance program. Then, the program creates a pool of resources. In this pool of resources, the program is able to take care of the medical expenses of the people who are affected. Therefore, this program ensures that the people who enroll in the insurance program receive their compensation in the case of medical care. However, their target is not the people who have enrolled. They aim to reach most of the people who fall under the described group. Therefore, they opt to educate all the American citizens who fit into that category. This ensures that they convince most of the people to join this beneficial program.

Reason for Choosing the Program

The reason for choosing Medicare is because of all the programs and services that they offer. They go beyond the expectations of the people who understand their role in society. This is inspired by the recent activities and inventions that it has been associated with lately. An ideal example is the introduction of quality based payment in the hospitals. This was done due to the increase of hospital acquired conditions. When the patients in America were in hospital, a lot of irresponsible behavior was going on in the hospital environments. This was happening due to the neglecting of duties by the nurses. However, this did not decrease the cost of the services that they provided. Medicare decided that this behavior was unethical(Greenberg 2002). Therefore, it was extremely important to come up with a program that discourages such behavior. This is just an example of the numerous services that this program has introduced. Therefore, this is a topic that is worth discussing.


From the essay, it is clear that there are numerous health care programs. However, it still proves that Medicare is one of the best health care support programs. It has incorporated things that are not taken into consideration by the chief health programs. Therefore, it fulfills the roles that could not be fulfilled. In the real sense, this should be called a support program. Its role reveals creativity and the putting of people’s interest at hand. This should be a characteristic of any health care support program that now exists.

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