American Pregnancy Association (2007) defines Turner syndrome as therapeutic disarray that impinges on at least one out of two thousands five hundred females. Even though researchers are yet to establish the causes of Turner syndrome, they basically know that it is a disorder that is related to female's chromosomes. It usually embraces a broad spectrum of both minor and major heart problems. Almost everyone with such disorder has short stature and loss of ovarian function, but it generally differs depending on individuals.

Most women or girls are born having two X chromosomes, but those suffering from Turner syndrome are born with only one X chromosomes or some parts of X chromosomes are usually missing. The effects of this syndrome vary from time to time and with different individuals. It all depends with how many body cells are affected by the alteration created by X chromosomes in the body (Levy, 1996).

Girls suffering from Turner condition are habitually small in height and those who are not treated end up having a standard height of 1.4 meters. The good thing is that if a girl is diagnosed while a girl is in her developmental state, she can be given treatment with hormones for growing in order to help them grow taller. Additionally to problem of growth, the development of ovaries can be affected by this disorder and can further affect the sexual development of the girl child and maybe lead to barrenness. This is due to the fact that ovaries are the components responsible for making the hormones that control menstruation and breast growth in girls. Unless treatment is administered to this condition, most girls are not likely to go through the normal puberty stages and nearly all of the girls affected by this condition will suffer from infertility (Carolyn, 2004).

Other Sound effects of Turner syndrome

Most girls with Turner syndrome go through various health problems such as heart problems, overweight, hearing problems, kidney problems, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and can as well be diabetic. Some girls suffering from this condition are likely to have problem in their learning process as they have difficulties with duties that needs skills such as map reading or mathematics. Apart from the short stature and poor sexual development associated with the problem of Turner syndrome, there are other features that are commonly observed in girls such as:

a) a low hairline at the back of the neck and drooping of the eyelids

b abnormal development of borne

c) edema or extra fluid in the hands and feet and finally

d) Different appearances of the ear, drooping of the eyelids, and larger moles in the skin

According to Travers, (2007) body image of girls can also be as a result Turner disorder since it is associated with poor development of the body. However, people suffering from this disorder are usually different in their appearance. if treated early before it develops fully in the body, people with Turner disorder can lead a healthy and productive lives.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Turner Syndrome

Girls suffering from Turner syndrome are usually diagnosed at the time of birth or before they reach the puberty stage. A special blood test is carried by a doctor in case a girl happens to have some of these symptoms. In carrying out the test, the doctor looks at the number of X chromosomes and can as well detect the abnormalities associated with the missing pieces.  But doctors are also capable to detect whether there other related signs and deal with them before puberty stage. If the blood test reveals that there are traces of Turner syndrome in a girl, then he/she my advice that there be an additional test to check for kidney, heart, or hearing problems (Travers, 2007).

Since this is a condition that is usually brought about by chromosomal abnormality, there isn't a proper cure for such a condition. However, there are various remedies that can help correct some of the problems related to Turner syndrome. Growth hormones can be given to the girl and hence improve the development of the girl but this has to be done at an early childhood stage. Estrogen replacement is another curative measure to this syndrome as they aid girls to develop some changes at their puberty. This kind of treatment is only applicable at the age of 12 or 14 (Lanes, 2003).           

Otherwise, doctors can advice that the patient suffering from this kind of syndrome can apply the technique of in vitro fertilization. In case it becomes difficult to reproduce, a donor egg can be used in creation of embryo, which can be then put into a woman's uterus. With exceptional care, the woman can be able to carry on to the time of delivery.

Living with Turner Syndrome

Even though people with such a syndrome may have several difficulties in their lives, they can as well choose to live with the condition. It is important that the patients suffering from Turner syndrome be assured that this is only small part of intellectual, physical, and emotional self.

Even though the people suffering from Turner syndrome are not at increased risk for psychological conditions, they suffer from development problems which at times may appear to be normal. Some may also appear hyperactive, it is vital to take precautionary measures at an early stage in life to avoid suffering from such condition later in life. In spite of other related problems such as physical problems which may occur in the girls' life, it is vital to seek medical attention at an early stage or at childhood. This is because with appropriate medical attention accompanied by an ongoing support, girls with Turner syndrome can lead a normal, productive, and healthy life (American Pregnancy Association, 2007).

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