People use different strengths in their lives to realize their talents and prosper in career. Self-building is an aspect that most people use in order to achieve their dreams. In my life, I have accomplished countless astonishing tasks that I will always remember. When we reunited as a family we used to play every kind of  game that included football, basketball, and tennis ball just to mention. As we played tennis ball, I always became the best contestant amongst my cousins. My greatest achievement is being successful in playing tennis ball as not just because I love it, but also a career. This is one of the childhood memories that helped me and made me successful in life. I have always enjoyed tennis ball, since I was young. My family and I are big fans and I am also a tennis ball player. I started admiring tennis ball after I watched Serena Williams` play on the television and decided that I would wish to become one of the national players.

After gaining a bit of experience in tennis ball during our family reunions visits, I decided that I would start playing tennis and joined a particular club. I was having fun as we always played and competed amongst ourselves. It came a time, when we became famous and we were to compete with our fellow national players. That day, the weather was good enough and I was positive to play and win that game. My experience there before was that at times I used to compete with others and lose the game.

This day my family accompanied me to the tennis ball championship. When I entered the playing pitch, I could see how full the arena was packed and ready to watch my team play. I was rather nervous and my heart pounded so hard that I`ve thought it would explore. I was sweating profusely before the referee blew the beginning whistle, but I breathed deeply and decided that I was to make it happen this time. This season was among the best contestants I believed that I was to emerge the winner.

Having won in the contest in the year before, I was not sure that I was to win this, because I was to compete with tennis ball champions who had gained a lot of experience. After I saw my competing contestants, my nerves were raging and I wondered whether everything would go as planned. I could not resist thinking what was likely to happen. Images about my teammates were racing in my mind; I kept on wondering whether we were to win. I hated that feeling of hopelessness, but at last I realized that I had to put more effort and win. Something else that gave me hope was that my team had tirelessly prepared, so we were somehow ready for the competition.

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Before we started the game, the director asked us to get into a room, where we had the final touches. When it was my turn to face one of the contestants my nerves began working on me again. As we were playing, the director explained on how we were to hit the ball during the contest by giving the rules and regulations. In order o proceed to the next round you had to defeat your first contestant. My first hit earned my contestant, because I did not hit it well due to nervousness meanwhile; my greatest competitors were making it up on everything.

In spite of the nervousness, I knew that I had to win, because during the last hits I was on fire. I was defeated in the first set by 4-6 rounds. This gave me hope and I defeated my opponent the next two sets by 6-2 and 6-3 rounds. All my team members except one did the same and we were all progressed to the next round. I knew it would be a tough one, but as I had always told myself, I had to win. I was sure of taking out the first two contestants, but the second one was so good at hitting so I had to be very keen in receiving in order to defeat the contestant. I was left with one experienced competitor.

Things were rough as we began, because I lost in the first set, but I later pulled the victory by defeating my opponent 6-0, 6-0 rounds. After every hit and receive we made, the excited crowd yelled at us and this really gave the morale towards winning. At the long run, I emerged the winner and I was crowned the champion of the day. I felt like I would jump and scream all along towards home, but I did not. I was presented with a trophy, and both I and my parents were happy for me. The crowd yelled and clapped for me and this made me feel awesome.
The tennis ball that I played during my early young age shaped my current life. Despite being the winner, I learnt that hope is an important factor in life. Although in most of the competing times I was nervous I did not lose hope and this encouraged me to get greater strength to move on. I also learnt that parents and guardians should support the careers that their siblings have chosen and also appreciate their effort be it a win or a loss.

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