Los Angeles is a city in the state of California which was founded on September 4, 1781 by a Spanish governor. It is the city with the highest population in California and it emerges the second most populous city in the United States after New York. Los Angeles is the centre for business, trade, sports and entertainment, fashion and media, culture, education, science and technology. Renowned institutions are located here covering a wide range of professional and cultural fields. Several industries are also located here which eventually creates jobs for many of its inhabitants, more importantly the fashion industry. It is estimated that the fashion industry has employed 134,000 people, and it happens to be the best in the United States. 300 museums are located here (The official guide, 2012). 

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Being an international student and having transferred to California last semester I had a lot to gain. I can feel the uniqueness of the city due to its beauty, friendly weather, and the existence of people from different races. However, Los Angeles does not appear like a commercial city unlike other developed cities. Notably, it appears to be a city of cultural diversity due to the large number of immigrants from China, Korea, Japan and other countries. Steven B. Sample, the president of the University of Southern California, in his speech “Address to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council”, believes that cultural and ethnic diversity in Los Angeles is the most important element for being the capital of Pacific Rim. Los Angeles is seen by many people as a land of great opportunities endowed with equality and justice. Many people treat it as their dream land.

In spite of all the good things associated with living in Los Angeles, it still has its dark side. We can cite a case that occurred two decades ago. This is the 1992 Los Angeles Riot. The riot was triggered by racial discrimination between the white Americans and the black Americans. Efforts have been made to prevent a repeat of this by the government and other bodies.

Los Angeles is a city endowed with a lot of resources and skilled manpower. Unlike other cities, it has few problems hindering its growth implying that the future growth and expansion might be tremendous in future. It is nicknamed the City of Angels.

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