Through the years, I have continued to gain insights about myself because of the activities that I undertake. The college experience has particularly been quite involving. As a result, it has helped me to learn more about myself. It has caused significant changes in my life. Therefore, it has taught me how to be flexible and to adapt to the change.

Insights Gained About Myself

There are numerous facts that I have come to learn about myself. As time passes by, I have been moving from one education level to another. The next level always offers greater challenges than the previous one. I have discovered that I always emerge victorious from each level. This shows me that I have the ability to work hard when faced with difficulties. It is an exceedingly rare thing to find me giving up when encountered by difficult situations (Navratilova 2007). At every point in my life, I normally have a set goal. There is always a driving force behind every activity that I undertake. There are a lot of distractions whenever I am aiming at something, but I never lose focus. I do not let anything come between me and my life goals. This shows clearly that I am a focused person in whatever I do.

The College Experience

My life in college has been an enjoyable one. I have been able to meet many people who have been an inspiration for me. It has been a life full of activities and lots of fun. I have found it truly involving both in class as well as out of class. My friends and I find it enjoyable to use the school facilities together as we share life experiences. These include going swimming together, going to the gym and other activities. It has shaped me and changed my views on certain life matters (Great Britain 2012). Therefore, college life has not only added academic value in me, but also social value.

Field of Interest after Graduation

I will be graduating in health information technology, which is exactly the field I want to work in after graduation. This field mainly deals with management and evaluation of health information by the use of computerized systems. This field interests me since it seeks to improve the health care given to individuals. It ensures that they get quality and efficient healthcare. It also aids in protection of the public, since it can be used to monitor the outbreak of contagious diseases ( Harrington 2012). Therefore, this is the field that I would like to be in after graduation. I would like to see myself working in a hospital or better still, a private facility that deals with healthcare. There, I will be able to work hard towards my career and gain adequate experience. I would like to monitor changes in technology and incorporate them in healthcare. I will work hard and be the head of HIT department in the institution I shall be employed.

Inspirations in My Career

The main people that inspire me to get an education and work towards a stable career are my kids. They normally offer me the support I need to push on with my plans. Just by them being there, they encourage me to establish myself in my career, so that I can act as a role model for them. This will also help me to support them and offer them quality education.

Effects of School life on My Relationships

Attending school fulltime has massively affected my former relationships. This is because it offers less time to socialize with old friends as well as family. This has reduced the ties we had with some people to some extent. On the other hand, this has created new relationships with the people I have been with at school (Payne 2004). Being with them for most of time has undoubtedly strengthened our relationship with them. My relationship with friends, family and other people is particularly beneficial to me. Therefore, I certainly intend to make it up to them after I graduate. I will try to spend more time with them and tell them more about my career. This way, they can support me in my career goals. This support could be social, financial or mental.

Spiritual Life and Career

My spiritual life is not complicated and therefore I do not have to make lots of time for it. In addition, my spiritual life does not affect how I view college and my professional career. They are two separate fields that do not collide in my life.

Health and Fitness

With the field that I am interested in, I value my health tremendously. Therefore, there are certain things that I specifically do to cater for my health. For example, I try to take three meals daily. I have to take at least some fruits and about eight glasses of water every day. I am not content with my diet right now. I think I should improve it taking three meals, which is a balanced diet ( Liu 2008). I also exercise three times every week. This exercise lasts 45 minutes, and it is intense. In such a way, I am able to maintain my body fitness.

Relaxing and Socializing

As a result of having extremely limited time, I only socialize at work. I find it enjoyable to socialize with my workmates. I only get time to relax when my kids are asleep. Self-rewarding is a thing that I try to do every month. To do this, I go for a Zumba class or to the movies. I find these activities enjoyable and, therefore, a good monthly reward (John 2012).


Any career has a bright side and a dark side. However, with the necessary passion, the good always outweighs the bad. That is how I cope with challenges in my career path. This should be upheld by anyone who wishes to have a successful career.

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