When growing up, we tend to admire different achievers as our role models. This occurs in everyone’s life since there is a goal that different individuals wish to achieve at the end of the day.

My role model has quite for some time been Napoleon. I have recently noted that all my targets meet the very same interest that this great man had. He was born in 1769 in a place called Ajaccio on Corsica Island by a spendthrift lawyer (Harold, 1963).

Firstly, Napoleon was very hardworking, a character that perfectly corresponds to mine. He attended the mainland of France, where he spent his good time learning French in a preparatory school located in Autun. He as well attended the military school in a place known as the Brienne (Paret, 1986). Following fate and hard work, Napoleon got a royal scholarship, where he managed to graduate as a lieutenant in the artillery at a very tender age of only sixteen years (Emsley, 2003).

Secondly, Napoleon knew how to maximize his chances. Upon his graduation and after getting a chance of being commissioned as a lieutenant in Royal Artillery, Napoleon supported the new regime after there was an outbreak of the Revolution of French in 1789. Again, his hard work and commitment made him to be promoted to become a brigadier general when he was only twenty four years (Dwyer, 2002).

Thirdly, Napoleon was a peacemaker, a character that I highly value. He negotiated and hardly fought towards maintenance of peace in his territory. He was a person, who generally had a strong character to be admired by many.

He has personally changed my attitude towards education, made me to become very hardworking and, besides, to have peacemaking heart. He is really my role model.

 Extra Curriculum Activity

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Playing Football as One of my Extra curriculum Activity

I am one of those students who like engaging in other activities apart from class work. This has been my trend ever since I joined the school. Most of extracurriculumn activities that I am usually involved in revolves mainly around sport activities. I am a member of two school teams that is volley ball team and football team. I spend most of my time when I am out of class developing my skills and improving my skills in the two games that is playing football and volleyball. Football is one of the most interesting extracurriculumn activities that I like most engaging myself in compared to other class activity.

My love for football can be traced back in my childhood. When I was a young child I used to follow football events that took place around me. I was one of the greatest fans of world football events such as world football events such as world cup. Most of the football events that took place in my home town I was never left behind in any of them. This greatly contributed to my love for football and my love grew day by day after joining school. It is while I joined school that I decided to develop my talent in playing football. This decision remains one of the best decisions to have made in my schooling life. My ability to score goals made a popular striker among my fellow team mates in school as well as in other schools.

In my current school I have to ensure that I join my fellow team mate for practice when I am not in class. I usually join them in them in the evening because that when in most occasions. I am free. The love for football has continued to develop and my playing ability has also improved. Football will remain to be one of my best extracurriculum activities as long I am a student.

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