I woke up to a lovely morning. The birds of the air were singing their sweet memories to welcome the new day. The day seemed promising, and I could not think not would turn out the way it did. The sun rays shone on the flower petals making them look like gold in the sun. I had prepared for the journey for the whole month and had the courage that hopes of joining other fans in watching the World cup. After winning a ticket from the national radio station, I was ready to pick the ticket and prepare to board the next day’s flight to Germany. The journey statured well, but ended bitterly. The pregnant woman who joined the vehicle near Hell’s gate National Park made me understand the meaning of the proverb that says; do not judge a book by its cover.

The journey started at seven in the morning. My parents escorted me and wished me success. It was a great honor to be among those who had won the ticket after answering the required questions correctly. I boarded a public vehicle to town where I would collect the ticket, spend the night and board the flight to Germany the next day. I sat next to a window and watched the trees move swiftly as the vehicle accelerated. Everyone in the vehicle appeared comfortable with the speed. I wished the driver could over speed so that I get my ticket and put it in my pocket. I could hardly concentrate on the young boy sitting next to me who kept asking me the name of the area or the distance remaining. My mind was in Germany and the World Cup.

No sooner had we passed the Hell’s Gate National Park, than a pregnant woman appeared from a nearby hotel and waved at the driver. She appeared to be in labor therefore, in great pain and agony. We all sympathized with her and requested the driver to stop and pick her. The women in the vehicle requested those passengers who were seated at the back seat to take other seats so that they would accompany their colleagues. They quickly followed the request and the women helped her into the vehicle. I started thinking of a mother’ love and the agony they go through when bring us to this universe. Everyone concentrated on the woman and pitied her much, but little did we know that there was no motherhood in the disguised passenger.

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After a couple of minutes, the woman stopped wailing and stood up. The women surrounding her requested her to sit down claiming that standing up would harm the baby. The vehicle was now entering the famous Hell’s forest. Within a flash of a second, the woman removed her jacket and everything changed. I saw a muscular young man with a gun in his hands. An old woman who was next to him fainted and died instantly. Her daughter who was also helping the so thought pregnant woman screamed and was shot dead immediately. The thug warned everyone to maintain silence or else we could follow the two. He directed the driver to the forest road. We found three other thugs at the destination. They kidnapped us, took all our belongings and locked us in an old house belonging to the game wardens. They drove the vehicle and left us helpless in the forest. We stayed there for the next twenty four hours before getting any assistance since we had no phones to contact people. I cried bitterly when I imagined how my colleagues are proudly boarding a flight to Germany, whereas I was helpless in the forest.

In conclusion, the day was too promising. I was eagerly waiting to be in Germany and watch footballers winning the World cup. The disguised pregnant woman ruined the whole journey. She appeared to be in agony and made every passage sympathize with her. She was a wolf wearing a goat’s skin. She ruined my journey to Germany and all that promising in the World Cup. From thus onwards, I learnt the meaning of the proverbs that states that, do not judge a book by its cover. 

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