In my administrative roles, my first strength is leadership. In this situation, I managed 30 Cancer Center Research professionals, which included research nurse coordinators and data coordinators. In the institution, my leadership style is intended to create a global standard in the provision of high quality medical attention to the patient. Basically, I draw this strength from the revelation that the provision of high quality Medicare will improve the condition of patients.

The second strength is love of learning. Through constant learning, I have the ability to master new skills, topics and bodies of knowledge whether on my own or formally. The strength that comes from my ability to learn ideas is that it has enabled me to acquire useful skills in executing my duties so that my team can effectively deliver high quality Medicare to patients. This has also helped me maintain and possibly increase the level of innovation in the hospital. The other consequence of this strength is the ability to improve the efficiency of operations in the hospital to ensure that patients are adequately treated. This has increased the number of inpatients and outpatients in the hospital compared to the other service providers in the market.

Third, I draw my strength from persistence. As a dedicated leader, I am able to finish all the duties and programs that I start. Moreover, I am persistent in the course of action in spite of obstacles. Therefore, it places special importance on technological development and use in various departments such as diagnosis and treatment. The strength has also made the hospital thrive on innovation, hence the patients receive proper medication. My dedication to the hospital’s management is significant to patients, and it gives hope for the development of the facility and patients welfare.

Despite the strengths I possess in carrying out my duties, there are certain weaknesses that characterize my leadership. First, I am poor in public speaking. I prefer implementing the health care programs without necessarily having to publicly speak about them. This has made it difficult for me to push my agenda of improving the service delivery at the hospital.

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The second weakness is the fear of failure. Normally, if treatment programs fail or the cost of medication is on the higher sides, it blocks many patients from the lower income category. The changing economic conditions in Europe, America and Asia, which constitute the large and primary markets, have deteriorated in recent years due to unprecedented financial crisis making the cost of medication high. This is likely to create fear that the low income patients might not be able to afford better medical attention.

The third weakness is that I am a perfectionist and want everything to be done right at once. Indeed, some of the changes which I have introduced to make the medical procedures perfect have affected the operations at the company as certain workers cannot cope with the measures and stringent time schedule. I always insist that the health care officers have to adhere to the directives so that the hospital may achieve its objectives, a situation that contributes to my weakness. Through my perfectionist policies, my relationships with the hospital staff have not been cordial, because some of the workers do not have the zeal of serving the patients. They are unable to improve the patient’s welfare thus not been able to attract patients to the hospital. This gives me determination to push on with the perfectionist policies.

In order to improve my weaknesses, I intend to practice public speaking by talking to smaller groups among my fellow workmates. Secondly, I would push ahead with my efforts despite imminent failure since developing fear would increase the chances of failing to accomplish one’s mission and that of the facility. Third, the opposition from workers for my perfectionist policies will not deter me from introducing workable measures to improve the service delivery in the hospital to make sure that the patients get affordable and quality Medicare.  

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