Could you imagine of someone reading countless number of books, one book after the other, with each book heightening the craving for one more books to read?

From the first time I walked into the school library and picked up a book titled the Warren Commission Report, my reading experience underwent a magical transformation brought about by the experience of being entertained and at the same time informed by the text of the book. Looking at the book, it seemed that that the book had little to offer but turning the pages of the books revealed the captivating and sizzling recount of Americas history; the assassination of John F. Kennedy at Dallas. From the first page of this books to the last, a thirst for reading grew more intense with an inclination towards books dealing with investigations of crimes as well as mysterious phenomenon. Reflecting at the assignation of Kennedy, the book gave me insight and a glimpse into the world of politics, forensics and at the same time a peep into the domain of scientific advancement. Growing into adulthood, I have continued to read more complex books but with similar themes. All these readings have captivated and served as an eye opener for me.

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While some people may find it difficult to read books as a way of using their time, this is not the case with me. My reading culture is rich and flexible more than that of other people I happen to know. This culture is reinforced by the fact that I have always considered that books are the gateway into the world of knowledge. Having this in mind, I have always made sure that books are close to me and within reach should the craving for a 'mysterious' event strike. If you happen to walk into my room for instance, you will behold a number of my favorite books at every corner. Even now, I am sure you will not miss to get memoirs of Sherlock Holmes in my kitchen.

From the story of how Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the appetency for books on investigation or recounts of crime have grew resulting in my close relationship with such books. Indeed I have informed entertained by these books. I think it's time to have a look at memoirs of Sherlock.

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