Ever since I joined the school ministry as an instructor at my local church, a desire for me to one day become a teacher developed in me. From then, this desire has grown more intense day after day. This comes after my realization at the church ministry that teaching was a profession that I really enjoyed and found to be fascinating. With this desire, I am looking forward to take teaching in college in order to accomplish this ambition.

My decision to become a teacher in reinforced by the training I received while at the church ministry. The training accorded me the opportunity to gain hands on experience in giving instruction to students and at the same time being able to manage them. Additionally, with the training, I was able to learn how motivate students in class in order to facilitate learning. With teaching as my course, I am anxious to learn more about the nitty-gritty gritty of this profession.

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Furthermore, being a good counselor as well as a motivating speaker, I intend to develop further these skills and in the end enhance the self-esteem of my students. Believing that students can overcome whatever hurdles they are facing, I purpose to encourage students to look at problems as opportunities of success in every circumstance they face. Indeed, being a teacher will bring a difference to my students.

Being a teacher will grant me an opportunity to use my creativity in developing solutions while teaching my students. This skill can be transferred to my students who will learn how to look at challenges from multiple perspectives and acquire unique problem solving skills.

With empathy, patience and hard work, I believe I will endure and succeed in my teaching course in college. Moreover, I will be in a position to navigate hard times as a teacher and work with students to prepare them to face the future positively. Indeed, being a teacher will fully unlock my potentials and at the same time be beneficial to my students.

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