This essay seeks to report on personal reflection concerning the experience encountered after reading selected novels. The thoughtful reflection is in reference to insight provided by the views and perceptions of the writer, which transform individual beliefs and thoughts. In essence, the essay reports personal experiences concerning life as wrapped up in the selected novels. Furthermore, it highlights the impact of the novels and reading on changing and increasing my knowledge, values, attitude, and compassion. 

Initially commitment to me looks like a plain paper that anything can be drafted on. It never came into my mind any reasoning that commitment entails as much as I have read from the novel 'The Help'. To me, success in life was a function of passion and only those passionate with it were in a position of undertaking the hurdles in life and taking it to its greater heights. Little, did I know that success in life is a process that requires dedication, confidence and resilience? The understanding that I have gained through my reading experience have changed my beliefs in a number of ways; purpose has to do with ones wish to share his admire of the visualization with others, which involves the aptitude of having the content being shared interesting and stimulating, and it is a facility used to engage others at their own level of strength and willingness (Picoult 26). In addition, Jansen's' assertion  provide me with the capacity to expound a vision plainly, as it is a commitment towards having the vision clear for easier understanding, which has to do with showing respect and concern for others thus an obligation to championing independence. These methods and techniques that are supposed to be used should enable people to engage responsibly, actively and cooperatively (Jansen 32).

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The readings point out that the most notable thing in life is to learn how to give it a meaning, and value. An individual's life seeks to fulfill two aspects that is discovering meaning of life and looking for its value. As such, it has helped me find meaning in my life through helping people that I meet in life. In most cases, I am obliged to help those vulnerable to discover their childhood, and at the same time make a decision to be of assistance to strangers and friends around me. However, I may end up neglecting my own life. I establish that happiness and success give meaning to life. In addition, I do not believe that life is hard to some individuals since the world has a place for everyone to make a meaning for their life (Jansen 45). I have devoted my effort and time in helping the rejected using my little tricks and fantasy. I discover that life is not only about action, thoughts, wishes, or intentions, but deeds and, therefore, channeled my time and efforts being responsible for others. I believe that meaning can arise from within life. All individuals and society have immense value towards life (Martel 52).

The knowledge and skills that I have acquired so far will be practically put in place so as to find out if the prescribed results will be achieved. I realized that the incorporation of the latest methods and skills in the life process will result in outstanding results. The life process is made more effective and improved through the use of more efficient methods and knowledge that are refined to suit the current situations.

In conclusion, the reading have changed my attitudes and values and as such I can see others perspectives as well as realize issues in society. This will help me to fit in the system well. The books have made me a better person with far-reaching morals, and as a result I can interact and intermingle with society members freely. In addition, I can dwell with issues purposefully and intelligently.

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