Self Presentation Essay


I come from the countryside, where we live with my family. My father teaches at a neighboring, local school while my mother is a housewife. I attended the same schools that my other sibling attend, since our family could not afford more expensive schools in the city. We have been brought up by our parents on a principle of honesty and hard work, as well as discipline.

Being a teacher my father has had difficulty sustaining all of us in school as well as cater for food and clothing back home, from the meager salary which he gets from teaching. I have had to supplement what my father used to give me with some extra cash, which I used to get by carrying out tuitions for primary schools kids from our village. We own a small piece of land that can only be used for substance farming. As such, we do not have to buy foodstuff from the shop. This goes a big way in helping my family save money for taking my siblings to school. My mother spends the bigger part of her day in the shamba, together with the other members of the family during weekends and evenings. We also own one cow; hence we do not have to buy milk. In fact, we sell part of the milk to the local cooperative society so as to generate some extra cash.


I got my education from my local primary and secondary schools. I was always the best, from class one up to the moment I completed high school. I did not have people to compete with back there, so that I had to remember that there were thousands of students in other schools that were much better off than ours, so that I always had in mind that competition was there. That by itself assisted me a lot in passing my final exam and qualifying to join college through government sponsorship. My father was also a very big encouragement through giving me advice, as well as giving me reading materials that came in handy during my exams.

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Most pupils in our village envied me for my academic prowess, as well as discipline, marked by a series of trophies during the prize giving occasions, as well as word from the teachers. I never disappointed my parents or the teachers, and those who looked up to me since I worked day and night to make sure I passed the final exam.


Despite my focus on academic matters, I am outgoing. I love watching movies and football, as well as volunteering. I am a fanatic of movies that touch on technology since that, coincidentally, happens to be my line of passion. I also enjoy reading novels, and motivational books. I enjoy interacting with people that grow my mind, and from whom I can increase my knowledge.


I intend to sail through college smoothly, and pass well, as well as gain skills that will enable me to change the society for the better. That, according to my dad, is the sole purpose of schooling- to transform society. I would like to prove to kids from our village that one’s background must never be a distraction to the achievement of one’s dreams and ambitions. That they should use the challenges as a stepping stone to leading a good life.

Self Presentation Essay Conclusion

Am an ardent listener who loves debate, especially the intellectual debates. I respect people who are older than I am. Am a go-getter who always goes for what he believes is the correct thing to do, in spite of its unpopularity. Am also a believer in gender equality, having stayed with my younger sister for almost one and a half decade.

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