All my life I was interested in the different fields of science.  The most interesting channel for me is Discovery Channels.

I always enjoy watching various episodes about some scientific works and developments such as: «Prototype this», «How it’s made», «Brainiac». After watching them I became certain about my own aspiration. And it is science. I want to dedicate myself to the helpful fields of science. It will be the best way of my self-realization. My aspiration to the field of science has definite direction. I want to work with cell biology and genetics studies. I hope that after the education I will be able to fulfil myself. 

I have studied many textbooks and different biology courses. It was my foundation and background of any future studies and development. I find myself knowing much about special field of biology – cell biology and genetics. So I became certain about my ultimate goal and now I will pursue it in my future education.

Speaking about the discoveries, which are made in the past, I learnt that only through scientific breakthrough it is possible to make something brand-new. I want to make something helpful for curing serious illnesses which carry away infinite numbers of people.  Working with the cell biology and genetics plays for me the great role. I am eager to understand the various factors of the functioning of the human body.  Also, I will work on the deeper understanding issues that refers to the cellular and molecular biology.

All that will help to work in the healthcare industry. I want to make the great contribution to the issues which will be helpful for application of preventive and curative activities.

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I have considerable background of knowledge that will be useful for my future profession. My aspiration and desire for perfection in my field will make me good specialist. And I will try my best to discover new concepts or means of curing of serious diseases. Nowadays, with appearing of so much new types of viruses and diseases which were very rare in the past now, spread through the all world. Of course, they need to be cured and isolated. After the study and self-cultivation I got the sense of responsibility. Because considering the field of science which I chose, I need to be responsible enough to avoid mistakes. So my hard work in trying to get in the university of my dream made me a better person. In the result of the self-development and study; I am certain – I want to be scientist in the field of the cell biology and genetics. And it will be the ultimate aim of all my future activities.

One more thing that forced me to pursue this program in the university is that all my activities and successful researches will increase my chances of achieving good workplace.  It won’t be exaggeration if I say that the young people more perspective than the old, I will use quite new approaches to make the modern science more applicable to treatment.   In conclusion I would like to note that our world is in need of new technologies and methods of treatment. At first we have to find the way to treat cancer ailments which are one of the world’s killer diseases. Successful fulfilment of this task will bring the world protection from the irresistible death. We will be able to save many sick people. All these things are make up the dream of my life. And my researches will make my dream come true. Breakthroughs of the cell biology and genetics are round the corner. It can’t be made with efforts of one, but united efforts will bring closer our dream.       

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