Malcolm is a true symbol of struggle and establishment of Islam among the African-Americans. In august 1959 when civil rights organizations started to speak evil of the Nation of Islam, he does not give up the fight. When Roy Wilkins, the head of NAACP then, made a declaration that the Nation of Islam “had a hate doctrine which was dangerous as any group of white racists” and James Farmer of CORE condemning it as “utterly impractical and dangerous” because he thought that by Muslims rejecting integration, they were helping and abetting the racial segregation dynamic, Malcolm has a good response concerning Muslims to this (Haley et al, 2001).  He answers “we who are Muslims, followers of Elijah Muhammad, do not think that an integrated cup of coffee is sufficient payment for 310 years of slave labor in America.” Through his statement it quite clear that Malcolm was a Muslim who was ready to defend his religion and faith at whatever cost and he could go ahead to bring sense to all those  who thought that the Nation of Islam was out here to bring about violence and further racism.

Malcolm had an understanding that there was something essentially faulty with the philosophy of liberal integrationism if becoming an integrationist had a meaning of integrating with the mainstream.   He argued that if the mainstream was capitalist exploitation, racism and all ideologies that were antihuman and backward, why the reason of integrating with a sewer?  He added that it was not a case of the black wanting separation or integration but a fight for equality, justice and freedom (Lincoln, 1973).  The blacks needed human dignity. This forms one of the basic reasons why Malcolm’s popularity rose dramatically among millions of Black-Americans, a number of which were non-Nation of Islam’s members.  Most of this people did not even hear him preach in the temple of the Nation. They could only hear of him in other venues that were out of his religious organization’s dynamics.

He was an attractive figure and very vocal who could easily bring people close to him by use of his liberation words. His essence was so vibrant that helped him stand strong as a revolutionary teacher. In him many learnt about what Islam as a religion stood for and many African-American learnt how to stand for their rights and reject oppression and segregation by the whites. Many young Black militants followed his teachings and so him as role model. He totally loved the dispossessed. He surely was a social leader.

His role as an important spokesman for Nation of Islam saw him preach militant messages that challenged and changed the lives of many African-Americans. In his sermons, he could refer to the attendants as his “beautiful Black brothers and sisters”. He used persuasive language to talk about the atrocities committed by the whites against the Black. His evolution accelerated in 1962 and 1963 due to various reasons. First of all, his personal prominence is seen creating anxiety and rivalry within the organization of Nation of Islam (Lincoln, 1973). Although he is seen talking less concerning religious issues and increasingly speaking himself on political issues, he does no forget about Islam. This is however against the teachings of Elijah Muhammad whose strict authoritarianism prohibited Malcolm and other ministers who were more activist oriented from getting actively engaged in African-American political fights.

His love for his religion makes Malcolm found a newspaper referred to as “Muhammad Speaks” that could articulate his teachings about Islam to the public. This is an effort that Malcolm makes to ensure that the Islamic religion spreads not only among the Black but all over the United States of America. Through this paper many Americans are getting to know what was happening within Nation of Islam and their activities to fight for the rights of the oppressed.

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Malcolm still sticks to Islam even after quitting Nation of Islam on falling out with Elijah Muhammad for being prohibited to preach even in his own Mosque. This also happened partly because he realized that word had been given to several Muslims out on the streets to assassinate him. In March 8, 1964 he forms Muslim Mosque, Inc. (M.M.I). It is clear that this is part of his efforts to forge ahead with teachings of Prophet Muhammad and the conversion of more souls to Islam. Nevertheless, he informs the press that he is ready to focus on local civil rights actions in the South and elsewhere. This he explains, he shall do due to every campaign for specific objectives heightening the political awareness of the Negroes and intensifying their identification against the white society (Haley et al, 2001).

This organization (Muslim Mosque, Inc) was founded together with most of his followers that were wanted to work with Malcolm but not within Nation of Islam. As a result they sated the religious purpose of the mosque formation as well outlined in their certificate of incorporation by seven points:

“Provision of an appropriate area of worship for its members and others in accordance with the Islamic Faith” (Imam, 2007).

“Maintaining a house of study for the development of the Islamic Faith and Religion” (Imam, 2007).

"Stimulating awareness within the members in the formation, upholding, and the teachings of the Islamic Faith” (Imam, 2007).

"Publishing textbooks, brochures, pamphlets and soliciting, collecting and in other ways raise funds for the hereinabove and hereinafter listed function.”

“To work for the conveying of the Islamic Faith and Islamic Religion according to the accepted Islamic Religious standards.”

“To buy, lease, obtain, sell and mortgage improved or unimproved real property and any concern therein.”

“The preceding sections shall be measured both as objects and purposes, and it is hereby expressly provided that the foregoing enumerated specific objects and purposes shall not be held to limit or restrict in any manner the powers of this corporation, but that this corporation shall be entitled to enjoy all the powers that a religious corporation may have under and by virtue of the Laws of the State of New York” (Imam, 2007).

The above demonstrate a lucid sense of vision and a spirit to spread Islam and preach Allah’s.

Muslim Mosque, Inc (M.M.I) also played a very great role in the history of revolution of Islam in America. The founding of Mosque of Islamic Brother (M.I.B) and the School of Islamic and Arabic studies in 1964 was by M.M.I members. The incorporation of M.I.B in 1967 was the lineal heir of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. that was started by (Malcolm X) El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz himself, after he departed from the Nation of Islam. It is with no doubt that this foundation was aimed at uniting the Muslim as one group through brotherhood according to the teachings of Allah in Holy Qur’an. These is in accordance to the what Allah wants us to stay , “Let there arise out of you an umma (nation, group) of people, inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong. They are the ones to attain success” (Qur’an 3: 103).

The formation of M.I.B was very opportune and essential. It was so apparent that the existing Sunni Muslim communities were lacking knowledge and discipline thereby being exposed to manipulation and apparent utilization as a political wing. This situation unfortunately resulted to speedy confusion and un-Islamic teachings in Sunni Muslim communities, alienating a lot of people seeking a true comprehension of Islam. The M.I.B. served a good purpose of bringing true teachings to people (Haley et al, 2001). 

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