As communicator, I had the feelings that I was being heard. I could tell it from the look of the listener. Furthermore, the fact that I did not receive a response to come again implies that what I was saying was heard. I could feel reflective communication bringing the listener closer to what I was saying.

Being on the centre stage of someone for five minutes gave me an experience of communication. I felt being motivated by the unlimited interruption.

I realized there are various ways in which I had been failing to satisfy people in terms of communication. Obviously, the lesson has enabled me improve my skills in communication which I never had. For instance, I would never have discerned that effective communication is subject of tone.  Yet communication should be such that it is tailored to the listener’s interest.

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As far as listening is concerned, I discerned that a lot can be taken in with the aid of reflection. In this regard, I consider listening with reflection as a listening approach that is active, as opposed to listening without reflection, which I consider passive. In my view, reflection is particularly crucial because it aids the process in which information is encoded.

I am certain that what I have learned, as well as discerned, would be particularly crucial for the improvement of my communication even outside the classroom. In one way, the demands of communication skills in the classroom do not differ significantly form the requirement of the communication outside the classroom. 

In order to ascertain the effectiveness of the acquired reflective communication skills outside the classroom, I test with someone else outside the classroom.  I found that the results did not differ significantly from what I observed during the class sessions.   

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