Dear listeners, you know, that life sends challenges to every person and these challenges could be related to family, studying, job or other spheres. Apart from the mental and physical distress that might happen to a person, there is always a learning opportunity associated with this sort of experience. One might feel helpless sometimes, but after the ordeal is over, the person becomes much stronger than before. Today, I am going to share with you an experience which helped me become much wiser in spite of people’s preferences and acts in a society.

I would briefly retell you the incident that completely changed my attitude towards people and society. It was the third semester of my stydying at the university, when I was falsely implicated in a land scam case by some criminal minded people form the village. The case was apparently a ploy to make my father accept an unfavorable deal that would help the opposing parties to get political and financial benefits. Since the case was fabricated and had no basis, I was not afraid to tell about the incident. The opponents wanted to disrupt my studies by making me a respondent; it was just wasting of my time and also could influence negatively on my profile. However, I took it as a challenge, because such experiences are part of everybody’s life and one must stay strong. Eventually, the case could not even be registered against me as the plaintiff failed to prove the facts upon which the allegations were made. Even though the whole incident did not take much time, I had the opportunity to learn some key lessons of my life. I am proud and speak to you with a raised head today that I upholded the truth and the oponents were badly defeated.

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The lesson that I got during the whole incident was even more important. As very few people had supported us, and even some of my closest family members stayed away during the hour of need, I learned that the human behavior is mainly determined by the interests and needs of individuals and less by the moral or ethical teachings that are supposed to guide us in the routine life. Maybe, our educational system does not care enough about it, or the culture motivates people to aim at their goals only through unjust and illegal practices. Maybe, we have receded to the lowest standards of moral and justice? If that is the case my friends, then I think it is alarming as it possibly carries negative implications for posterity.

Respected listeners, it is a matter of concern for all of us, as a society in which only the powerful and wealthy are given justice, while common people like me are treated as second class citizens. We must be aware of the apartheid that we have unconsciously developed in our midst without even knowing about it.

As parting words, I would like to say that we need to work seriously towards creating a fair and equal society. The culture that we live in is devoid of the strong foundations, upon which strong civilizations flourish. We need to strengthen the educational and court systems, while working towards establishing an economic system that provides equal opportunities of success for everyone. Today, I reckon that the injustice, which I met, exists not just because of the mischief of a few individuals, but due to the lack of fairness, education and equality in our society. It is a tough task and we have to work very hard, because this is our only hope for a better and prosperous future. I thank you all for your attention.                                         

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