Growth refers to an increase in either physical or insubstantial aspects of an organism. Thus teenage stages of growth involve the changes that occur in individuals between childhood and adulthood.  These changes can either be physical or mental. Both girls and boys undergo various developmental growths during adolescence and puberty. However, the rates of this growth significantly differ between boys and girls. This paper is thus designed to show that boys and girls experience distinct differences in their growth rates between during teenage stage.

Materials and Methodology. Degree of maturation was considered to determine growth velocity between teenagers of the same age. Pubertal maturation was used to determine the biological growth difference among teenagers before, during and after puberty. Growth velocity was also used to compare the height of girls to that of boys between grades 6 and 7.  Use questionnaires to determine the average age at which boys and girls approach puberty.    

Results. Girls’ from the age of 8 and 13 years had more rounded hips, their breasts began forming and had started menstruation. Girls at this stage had grown hair in their pubic places and under the arms. The girls had slim and smooth voices. The girls were taller than boys of the same age. Magnitude of their weight gain was lower than that of height gain. Girls had good body composition as opposed to boys.

Boys at the age of 10 and 15 years had started experiencing secondary sexual characteristics. They had deep rough voice, were taller in height and had grown hair in their pubic places and under the arms. Their weight gain and climax height were almost at par. Teenage boys were more masculine. Body odor occurred and resembled that of a full-grown up. 

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Discussions. Teenagers approach puberty stage at different ages. The report showed that girls often started puberty at an average age of 8 to 13 years. On the other hand, sexual maturity in boys began slightly later at the age 10 and 15 years. This is when the boys began having their penis and testicle growing larger. Although both the teenagers had significant weight and height increase, boys were heavier than girls. This is because girls at this stage controlled their eating as opposed to boys. On the other hand, girls tended to be taller than boys of the same age since they could not control their growth in height. Girls at grade 6 and 7 were found to be taller than boys. This is because the girls enter and leave puberty sooner than boys. As a result, they grow for a shorter time as opposed to boys. This growth spurt occurred and ended earlier in girls than boys. Similarly, Muscularity in boys was due to action of testosterone hormones which causes lose of fat from their limbs. However, teenage growth in girls was under the influenced gonadal and growth hormones which led to body composition.

This research indicates that there are great differences in the growth process between boys and girls. These differences are probably brought about by the differences in the body composition between these sexes. Similarly, teenagers experience these growth differences during puberty and not during the whole process of adolescence. This stage is therefore important in a person’s developmental growth process. It is also the period that ushers both girls and boys into adulthood. Implying that, boys and girls should be assisted appropriately so as to approach teenage growth responsibly and with sobriety. 

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