Seven o’clock in the morning. As usual, my alarm clock makes some disgusting sounds. On the one hand, it provokes me to take it and throw it against the wall, so it stops waking me up. On the other hand,I do not do it. Instead of this, I carry out a usual procedure, and just push the snooze button. The same sound of alarm clock wakes me up 10 minutes later. Repeating the same procedure, I am going to fall asleep again. However, hardly can I understand that I go back to my dreams, I hear another revolting sound. It is not the alarm clock. The sound is becoming louder. It takes me several seconds to understand its origin. It is a knock at the door.

Who is so early? - I mumble to myself. My sleepy mind refuses to understand what happens. Nevertheless, I stand up and go towards the door. Automatically, not looking at the spy hole, I open it, and the first thing I hear is:

I knew you were still sleeping. It is time to wake up! Do you remember what day it is today? –The voice of my best friend pulls me out of sleep.

My wedding. - My mind becomes as clear as a day, and I smile.

The rest of the morning passes like any other groom’s morning (I think so). I talk to my friends, drink coffee, get dressed. The professional photographer takes photos of us so they will find their place in our wedding book. At last, we are ready to go to the wedding ceremony. The only thing I feel sorry about is that I do not have an opportunity to see my beautiful bride in the morning. I am sure, she is the only perfect woman in the world, and she is more perfect today because it is one of the most important days in her life. A glade where our wedding ceremony takes place is decorated with an arch adorned with brown, green and white flowers. Relatives and friends have already been waiting for us for some time – no doubt, they are also excited to be a part of such significant and touching event. Four musicians are ready to play a calm and tender melody when they are told to. The weather is really suitable. The sun is shining brightly, but it is not hot. The light breeze is blowing from time to time, so everybody can feel ease and relax. The smell of nature that surrounds our small wedding area creates an atmosphere of quietness and love.

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I feel a bit nervous, or maybe, not a bit. Actually, a month ago, a week ago, and even yesterday I was sure that I would not be worried. However, as I understand now, I was definitely mistaken. It is difficult to explain the reason of such restless feelings. Perhaps, they are special feelings that one can experience only being a groom or a bride (I am sure my woman feels the same as me at the moment)… Or maybe it is because of my age. I am only 20, and my bride is 18. Perhaps, somebody can say that we are too young to get married but does it matter if we really love each other?... I’m overfilled with emotions, and exited beat of my heart is even louder than singing of birds at the moment. Expectation and impatience to see my future wife overwhelm me and my mind is busy with the only thought… Finally, here she is. She goes slowly and confidently. Long white dress emphasizes sophisticated lines of her body. Veil adds more mystery, tenderness and ease to her image. It seems that the way my beautiful bride makes is too long. But she comes up to me faster than I expect. Now I can see her closer. Her eyes are shining with happiness and her lips create a disarming smile, and I am over the moon. This moment of absolute happiness is interrupted by the voice of a master of a wedding ceremony. Words, full of meaning and tenderness sound in tune with charming music played by our musicians. A lot of thoughts and pictures appear in my head. All of them are connected with our story – our first meeting, our first date, our first kiss, our common interests, each day we spent together… It seems to me that now I see nothing except the eyes of my future wife. They are filled with happiness and tears. We say our wedding vows to each other, exchange the rings… Finally, both of us say I do, and we are a family now. We are represented to our guests as Mister and Missis.Two rings, two signatures and our agreement create a new young family that is going to live its long and happy life.

After the ceremony we go to our guests, our closest people. With shining smiles they wish us all the best – love and happiness, ability to understand and support each other, desire to create a big family (bigger than two people) and other pleasant things. The rest of the day, or, to be more exact, evening, we spend with our relatives and friends in a good mood with an expectation of our happy family life. The day ends with bright and loud fireworks that paint the night sky above our heads with colorful sparks. Perhaps, at this moment, when I stand holding my wife in my arms and looking at the sky, I understand that one of the biggest dreams of my life has come true. I am happy and ready to start a new life with a woman I truly love.

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