Global integration of cultures is the state whereby cultures from various countries become absorbed by many countries.  The nations unite with another for the aim of acquiring a certain item from the other. Therefore, varying cultures will come to be included in their trading activities. Trade between the two nation's pulls along the global integration in most cases (Rodlaver 2005). All nations of the world tend to depend on each other. A country cannot stand alone without back up from the other countries. Goods like oil, water and relief food are the mostly shared across many countries. For the operation to run smoothly, the different cultures from the parties, getting involved in it ought to come to a good understanding. Just like other activities, worldwide, global integration comes along with some effects on the society participating in it. Among the affected areas is the art of thinking philosophically by the country's' people (Hoekman, 2006).


Integration of cultures has some effects on the community. The major impact is about the way the native people approach issues. Tackling issues by citizens should depend on the kind of reality within the country but this becomes doomed by the incorporation of other cultures within the country. The ideas will be inclined to the cultures of other nations and not as per the culture of that country. The concepts that have been for long dominating the land are violated by the inclusion of other different cultures that seem to outweigh them in a certain way. The way a certain group of people dress, the kind of food they consume and what they believe in remains to be their culture. Other cultures change the beliefs and make the people to deviate from their deep-rooted culture (Prasad, 2003).

Example of effects

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Among the factors that are affected are the dressing codes of the citizens. They come in varied styles. This leads to immorality within the nation. This leads to the spread of various transmitted diseases like sexual diseases. This takes the government to go extra expenses in attempting to curb the spread of the disease that occur due to poor dressing modes. If there were no foreign cultures involved, the citizens would have remained strong in their long time cultures that prohibit certain kinds of dressings. Certain kinds of clothes expose body parts hence leading to sexual arousals. High rate of rape cases occurs as well as high immoral behaviors within the country. Respect towards one who puts on clothes disregarded by the community goes down since the latter appears immoral to them. Children will all turn their eyes towards anyone who has dressed in a manner that the society does not regard and will not accord respect to the person (Prasad, 2003).

Eastern metaphysical influence effectiveness

Eastern metaphysical influence has had some effectiveness on the way the people think. It has helped in educating the people about the true God to worship apart from the other gods. Improved means of communication reached the people and this helped in effecting the operations of firms. Improvement of the communication system has facilitated the operation of many companies.


Interacting with different kind of people will definitely lead to one absorbing the behaviors of the certain group. Applying of the beliefs and cultures will affect the other party in a certain way. An example of this might be deviating from the historical aspects of the society. This always comes with a number of both positive and negative effects. The effects will be for a long time or may come into an end soon. More expenses creep in when trying to curb or rather to adapt to the changes included in the society. In conclusion, absorbing cultures from other countries comes with more dangers as compared to its benefits (Hoekman, 2006).

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