In the modern society that we are living in today, nearly 99 percent our daily lives are the times we spend with other people. Usually is the fact that they may make our lives tend to look easier or they may thing make things more complex than we initially thought they would. Most of the people we hang out with mainly comprise of close relatives, workmates, schoolmates or even total strangers. With so many around us, many are the times we are compelled to form groups or teams or even enroll ourselves to existing ones. These teams may either be taskforces assigned to complete a certain project, class discussion team for maybe empowering other when doing assignments or even peer work groups. The major characteristic of all these groups is that for them to be successful and thrive on well, they usually depend on to key issues. How the team members trust each other and the disclosure level that is prevalent amongst all the team members.

This two are in constant interactions with each other in that with trust comes disclosure. This means that the team members can freely and confidently confide in each other and no leakage of information affecting the team interest do not find their way out of the team. According to Brodie (2010), disclosure may be viewed simply as an act of making something like secrets be known to like every member of the team. On the other hand, trust can be described as a belief or willingness to believe that one can rely on the goodness, strength, ability of somebody else ( ¶4).

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Inculcating trust in a team is something that usually requires a lot of time and patience to achieve. It involves having to watch people closely especially when they are entrusted with performing various important issues in the team trust can ne build by appreciating every contribution made  by each member even if the effort was insignificant. It involves constantly appraising those that set very high standards, constantly acting as pacesetters for other to emulate in future. When there is full disclosure in every team, it has been noted that trust level tend to shot up. This can be attributed to the fact that whenever team members share crucial information this scenario end up making the team members appreciate each other weakness. This inculcates a since of belonging that usually culminates to trust (¶6-8).

As Heathfield (2000) reports, setting any team goals becomes the first benchmark in steering the team to the appropriate channel. Various methods of creating team goals have been deemed authentic and universal to all, groups. For instance, constant reassurance the team members that they can count on each other incase or whenever they are needy. This will better the way they rate each other. Member appraisal for their unending contributions during any f the team events may also be viewed as a major contributor to building and sustaining trust in a team. The team members usually feel appreciated. Most likely their confidence in other will increase thus directly or indirectly affecting how the people in question trust other team members (¶1-4).

In addition, constant involvement in team activities can be a greater way of improving the way team members view each other. A team that is constantly involved in their group activities tends to harbor more trustworthy members than on the contrary (¶5).

As mentioned earlier. We as human being are never perfect. What usually happens is that we try to make up to our own imperfect nature by acting nicely to others. On the other hand, trust, like the famous tower of Babel is never built in one day. It requires perseverance, constant encouragement, appraisal and of course encouragement from our team members.

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