The last decades, human security has become a major concern to many countries, but a lasting solution for handling the non-military threats to peace and security has not yet been reached. The Arab world is faced with a variety of problems and challenges, which were denied by the first Arab human development report (AHDR1) from the united nation development programme (UNDP, 2002a), which stated that, ‘over the last five decades, remarkable progress in advancing human development and reducing poverty. There was much that needed to be done in order to address the deprivation and imbalance’ (1). Insecurity arising from wars and occupation was identified as a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Human security distinguishes seven forms of security as economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community and political. The introduction of the commission on human security (CHS 2001), which its tasks were: To promote public understanding, engagement and support on Human security and its underlying imperatives, develop the concept of human security as a way of policy formulation and implementation to suggest a specific line of action that addresses threats to human security. The chapter (CHS, 2003) defines human security as ‘protecting human lives in ways that enhance human freedom and fulfillment’ (4). 

Arabs have a sense of need to allow them enjoy a set of basic rights and freedom that would allow them to protect their physical integrity too. More than half the Arabs population is under the age of 20 years and this according to Martin (2004) puts the state on a timely bomb that will explode on there faces in the short time. This has put Arab countries in a global struggle for peace and development in order to aid in solving long term conflicts and straggle in living up to the values of there faith and heritage (H.M. King Abdulla II, Munich Conference Feb. 8  2004).

Security problems facing the Arab region

Regional issues have become a major problem to the Arab states. Many point to Iran, Israel and US military presence as sources of insecurity for the Arab states and in real sense, Arab Gulf States has major economic achievements, which they find hard to protect. Many rely so much on the US to provide the security jobs for them. For instance, Egypt enjoys a powerful role in the Arab world due to its historical role but the USA is trying to minimize these roles in the region. Syria and Lebanon are under US pressure to fight terrorism. Arab states are under US pressure to change there governing styles.

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Political reforms are a major internal issue in the region. This includes political recruitments, and, divides and rule structure of governance. This has escalated clashes between the citizens and the established government over many internal issues. This brings the question what is the approach by the Arabian government on the security concerns of there nations? In addition, what role does the US play concerning the security situation in the Arab world? We can argue that the security concerns are internal and the regional developments are symptoms and not the causes of the security menu in the Arab world. According to the structural theories of international relations, nothing can be done to deal with the security issues without the role of the US due to the distribution of power in the world (Hayajneh 2004). The question is why involving the US in solving the internal security issues when one is capable of doing it. Arab states lack the use of there power because it is connected to the regime survival theory.

Approaches to restore the security in the region

To restore the security of the Arab region, the following approaches can be offered:

  • US Marshall plan for the region. US experience shows only security interventions for US interests (Pei & Dobbins 2003). This will show the failure of the Arab governments to find an Arab solution to security problems.
  • Imposing of sanctions. By the world stopping its activities in the region, the Arabian government will stop at nothing but ensure that the ways of their governance. This will be regarded as a forced change.

Research methodology

The research seeks to explore a deeper understanding on the phenomena surrounding security measures in the Arab world and draw findings that could suggest the necessary requirements that could help restore the peace and stability. The research presented comprises of multiple informants ranging from;

  • interviews with policy makers,
  • UN Arab Development report publications
  • Websites
  • Academic articles and books

The outcome of this process will provide useful suggestions on how the Arab states can approach a possible security measure and how it should involve constructively the requirement of the national security. The research would probably be a framework describing the steps that should be taken to cub the recent security issues experienced by the Arab states.

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