Jawaharlal Nehru often referred to as panditji, was an Indian nationalist leader as well as lawyer who became the first prime minister of the independent India. He was an intellect and described as a charismatic leader by Mahatma Gandhi. Some of the behaviors observed in Nehru include, irrespective of his western upbringing, he had great love and passion for his country. Upon returning to India, Nehru abandoned western culture and dressing and adopted Indian attire.Moreso, under Gandhi’s mentorship, became active in his country’s politics. He also had great love for children, and to demonstrate this, his birthday was always celebrated on children’s day.

The instances in which Nehru served as an employee in the society include his participation in Indian political activities of the student community. He also had a growing interest in socialism and liberalism (Nehru, 1989). He continued to be a political activist even at older age. He was an active participant in the fight for independence, and even served an imprisonment of nine years in this regard. He continued with his course until India’s liberation and became the first leader after India achieved independence.

Due to his focus and interest in politics, as the prime minister, he encouraged the development of cottage industries, which in turn created employment. He also established laws that would increase the rights and freedom of women in the country (Nehru, 1989). He converted the ownership of large companies or sectors so that the government owned them to have better control of the economy and left the smaller sectors to private ownership.

The values included in my personal leadership model are;

Servant-hood: This is because the leader focuses on serving the needs of others first.

Love: The leader should show compassion to everyone.

Relevancy: A leader should create changes whose impacts will remain for long periods even after their departure.

Persistence: A leader should be persistent in all his endeavors, as attaining positive results does not come easy. It requires a lot of patience.

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