Roosevelt and Taft were American presidents who kept the progressive reform spirit in the processes of legislation. Both presidents recommend reforms that assisted the federal government in improving life of American nation. Despite all efforts to promote Roosevelt’s main directions and policies, President Taft got an awful and rough regime. Bitter rift would grow between Roosevelt and Taft and within the party which, therefore, led to opening the door for a democrat Woodrow Wilson.

Before Roosevelt regime, government faced revolt from progressives. The spirit of progressivism held several things in common despite their divergent and difference concerns. The movements were optimistic about the nature of human living as they sought to regulate and harmonize politics and leading businesses. The movement urged the government to be at the epicenter of reforms and have direct intervention in lives of Americans citizens.

The rise of professionals was one of the movements which fought for respect in their professions. The teachers, accounts, ministers, and other civil servants fought for better living conditions. Social justice movements never lagged behind. They also put pressure on businesses and cities and required improving health, housing and recreational services in the urban areas. A real crusade was composed of women, who demanded to abolish alcohol and its effects on American people’s lives and eliminate prostitution in the society.

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To overcome all these problems Roosevelt, after ascending to power, looked into them without delay. He brought a new spirit of aggressiveness and enthusiasm to the presidency. He fought for the rights of workers in the coal mines and all other business companies. He once threatened that he would use the army to control the mines. Roosevelt was neither pro-business nor pro-labor; he pursued a middle ground approach to curb abuse and promote individual opportunity.  However, Taft disdained his predecessor’s limelight after coming to power in 1908. He alienated the progressive spirit for four years. The next election was won by a democrat Woodrow Wilson. He gained a significant success concerning child labor, business, banking and farming reforms between 1914 and 1915.

The progressiveness was extremely successful with respect to child labor laws and city improvement direct primaries. However, many problems, including race, remained unsolved. Despite this, Roosevelt and Wilson’s actions significantly expanded the presidential powers, and government at all levels began to acknowledge the responsibility of the welfare of society. The onset of World War I, however, would rudely interrupt the progressive reform spirit.

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