Procommunist ideas are ideas that are in favor of communalism.Communism is the opposite of individualism .This is situation where there is no private ownership of the means of production. People in a country where the government support the ideology of communalism, they have a common interest .this is contrary to individualism were everyone has is or her own interest. Such a society is classless and all the people belong to the same class.

The idea of communism is the idea of a society with no divisions especially class divisions and the means of production are not privately owned but they are collectively owned. In the history this kind of a democracy had risen after the fall of the capitalism. This is where there were two classes in the society. The two classes included the owners of the means of production and the workers. Contrary to capitalism, communalism does not involve class divisions. The idea is where everybody belongs to the same class.

In political science, communist government may mean a government with only one political party. The states with this kind of government may be referred to as communist states. Such a state operates under only one party. Today there communalism may mean a situation where the state owners the means of production and mostly he state also operate under one political party system. Such a government may have centrally planned economies (Zwass, 67-69).

In the 21st century, communist states were the state operated that operated under single-party system .The states included Korea, Laos, China, Vietnam, and Cuba. These states had only one political party. The governments put in place communist policies. The pro communist ideas are the ideas of making the means of production not to be privately owned. The Russian government has tried to implement the pro communist ideas but it failed. The Russian government had a good thing in mind since there so many benefits in being a communist state.

The Importance of Communism

In the communist states, governments manage almost all the sectors of economy. The government may manage most of the business enterprises. For example in china the government manages the transport sector including the trains and airlines. Pro communist ideas may include putting the means of production under the government control. This is one of the most important ideologies that a state can use to achieve some of the economic and social goals. The Russian government was aiming at having some of the advantages of the social economic ideology called communism which include:

It helps to Reduce the Gap between the Social Classes

In the past the means of production was owned by one group of people wile the other group was the group of the workers who worked for the owners of the means of production. This was in the stage of capitalism. There were some many disadvantages of having capitalism. Capitalism lead to rise of two social classes and the gap between then was very large.

In the Karl Marx’s theory, Karl Marx had stated how hard it was for workers to move from his or her class to the class of the owners of production. Capitalism had led to the development of two major social classes (Norman, 18).

The idea of communism is to have a society of one class. A society that the people are not divided into different classes and the citizens have a common interest. Communism would curb the vices of capitalism. It ensures that there is no group that owns the means of production and another that works.

Promotes Equality

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Communism ensures that there is equality among the people of a given society. Communist states try to abolish the social classes to make a classless state. This will ensure that everyone belong to the same class. This will reduces the chances of some citizens being oppressed by other citizens. For example, where the government owns a business enterprise there is no discrimination when employing staff. Everyone has a chance to be employed as long as he or she is qualified.

It helps the State to Enjoy the Benefits of having the Government Manage the Enterprises

In communist states the power of the government is centralized to ensure that the rules and policies are made by only one party. In many communist states the government controls many of the economic sectors. The government s controls and manages most of the business enterprises. There are many advantages of having the businesses owned and controlled by the government. These include:

Consumer Protection

One of the most important government’s roles in business includes protecting the consumers. Consumers use goods and services to satisfy their needs and wants. The main aim of a privately owned business is to make profits. This may bring about the chances of the customers being exploited in terms of pricing or the quality and quantity of the goods and services. The private enterprises may overcharge customers to earn more profits leading to unfair prices. The privately owned businesses may also not give the right weight and quantity of the products. The government aim is not to make the supernormal profits. The aim of government is to protect the welfare of its citizens. When the government manages a business the customer protection is ensured.

Employee Protection

The aim of the privately owned company is to earn profits and this can lead to unfair payments to employees. This many result to the employees being underpaid. It may also involve employing of the workers according to the social relationship rather than qualification. The government may protect the employees by giving them fair salaries. When the government manages an enterprise, it protects the employees from discrimination because the employing of the employees is based on the qualification that a person has.

Easy taxation

Taxes are important because they enable the government to fund important projects. Some of the private firm may avoid taxes this may lead to few taxes being collected and the thus the government will not have enough money to fund important projects leading to the economy of that state to deteriorate. The governments tax all levels of businesses, and the resulting to enough revenue that important for government budgets.

Promotes Investment

Government makes financial information public; therefore the investors can use the information to make suitable decisions on investments. The privately owned business may not make some of the company’s information public thus the investors may not acquire some of the important information. This promotes the economy of the state when the investors invest in the state. This leads to creation of employment to the citizens (Scott, 62).


Although the Russian government have not been able to implement the pro communist ideas, the ideas are very important for the development the country. The pro communist ideas are the ideas that support the ideology of communism. There are so many advantages of communism which includes the benefits of having the government to control and manage the most of the business enterprises in the state. Communism tries to achieve a classless society. Communism also promotes equality among the citizens of the state.

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