Politicians are just like any other humans. They want and desire to become leaders. They know that the only way to achieve this is to make the crowd like and vote for them. They make promises to please citizens. To my opinion, all politicians may not seem to be what they really are and do not always mean what they say. They sugarcoat their intentions. Mr. Barack Obama, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and all other politicians can be real in politics. Unfortunately, they do not have realistic promises all times (Daniel and Paolo, 2004).

The film gives the impression that Nick’s influence on the son was positive. Though Joey did not like what his father did, he admired that he was good at arguing. Nick always won in the debate about cigarette smoking as he considered it to be a good activity. Although Nick knew that he would not allow his son to smoke (Lance and David, 1994).

Nick like any other citizen was looking for a way to make money. He was a liar because he was aware of the effects of smoking very well. He knew that it could cause cancer and heart problems. He could not admit the effects of his job because that did the work he was good at. He was a lobbyist because he always attempted to influence people in terms of smoking for the sake of his career.

Heather was a patriotic citizen. He would do anything to help the country. She risked having sex with Nick so as to get information. Taking into account her cowardice and efforts she put as a reporter to seek for the truth, lead her to make this sacrifice.

In an argument, both parties fought for triumph. Nick was good at arguing and always presented strong points for his disagreements. Therefore, in any debate, as long as one defends his or her motion with strong points, the argument will always favor him or her. For example, the aspirants who give unique and realistic plans always win the love of the voters in politics. They finally acquire their desired authority (Daniel, 1986).

The Walt Whitman saying “the real war will never get in the books” means that no matter how horrible the situation is the journalists will never publicize the real stories. Sean Aday argues that if stories are covered exactly as they occur, they will be gruesome for the viewers. It will also give a lesson to the public about attacks.

Bennett argues that various types of biases go unnoticed in the press. He clearly illustrates some of the cases that have been indexed in the earlier wars. He discloses that documents have been indexed on news covered in warzones. This shows that the information that is finally shown to the public is censored. It might even be made more interesting.

The idiom 'wag the dog' has been used to show how politicians draw attention. They do everything possible so that people attract their attention to them and not to others. By doing so, people will know them and may vote for them. Farnsworth and Litcher have used this fact in this article to show that politicians play various subtle tricks on people.

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It is true that journalism is the heart of democracy. This can be seen while reading how journalists aim at showing the truth to the world. The government is what interferes with their decisions. Many journalists are bound by the legislation. If it was up to them, all news would be shown. It doesn’t matter how gruesome the information is.

Watchdog journalism describes the type of journalism that upholds the rights of the public. They observe this on radios and in any other sources of information. This type of journalism can be described as one which reveals information that is unknown, one which holds all public authorities accountable, and one which gives enough news so that people can arrive at a conclusion. It is efficient in political communication as it makes the public aware of everything what is happening around. The media can find out information about the individual politician and his real nature. This helps the public to make a conclusion of who deserves their votes (Sean, 2010).

Propaganda is effective when it comes to the public because they are not close family members. Propagandizing may cause sorrow to people one loves in family, for instance. It is also effective for the public and thus there is a peer influence.

Rory Sutherland believes that advertising complements the value of a product by changing the perception of the item. He claims that a change in the perceived value can satisfy the original value. I agree with him because the way in which we perceive life that’s how valuable it becomes.

Question 13

In respect to the independent swing voter the richness of a politician does not matter. He or she may have acquired the wealth illegally; or he or she may have taken it from other poor citizens. Hence, it is not the extent of wealth that counts in politics but the level of leadership qualities that one has (Jim, 2002).

If Obama would spend all that money just to win over Romney, it is evident that he values money more than the welfare of his country. Obama thus proves that he is not loyal to the country and cannot afford to be the leader. He shows his thirst for power and control over social class. This simply does not make any sense. This would show that he only cares for his self interests.

When Neil Postman wrote “we do not measure a culture by its output of undisguised trivialities, but by what it claims as significant.” This means that everything that one takes seriously should not be ignored. All important aspects are taken into consideration. They may value what they have the most if they analyze an original value they have (Lance, 2001).

Business formulas help the press in sending out the information from the firms to investors.

The watchdog type of journalism reveals information that people have not heard of before. They can analyze a politician and discover secrets about him or her. This type of information may affect the way citizens perceive the person. Also if some of the war scenes were shown, the people would be repelled by the news (James, 2007).

Journalists are also citizens, and the information they acquire is as relevant to them as to other citizens. Therefore, the political information that the journalists have should be shared with the rest of the public. They have a right to know whom they are choosing as their leader (Bill and Timothy, 2003).

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