Leadership was a crucial factor in the Reconstruction of the US states during the tenure of President Abraham Lincoln. The contributing factor to the failure of reconstitution was racism as there was fear in the north of the freed men taking labor opportunities lowering returns. The south had been defeated. However, they did not change their perspective through the use of black codes, which they believed could end the reconstitution process.

The process of reconstitution was profoundly influenced by leadership. However, no one knew what could have happened if President Lincoln lived as he was against slavery and believed that the state government had the authority to self-government. He had proposed a plan to stop the expansion of slavery in 1846 facing out freedom and later colonizing Africa. He felt strong on the nation becoming one thing. When he became president, his focus was to save the union either by freeing of all slaves or without freeing any of them. He offered the confederate states to join the union with ten percent loyalty oath condition approving the 13th amendment and amnesty except for the highest confederate leaders. His interest was the unification of the country without belittling the south. He did not sign it as the Congress planned on punishing the south heavily. The state government was led by non-bearer of arms against north after the confederate leaders were expelled.

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President Jackson was a loyalist of the union, though he came from the south. He implemented much of president Lincoln plans to add accountability of the federal requirements to confederate debts fulfillment. He failed by allowing the states to define the rights of freemen and the enforcement that prohibited the confederate leaders to assume office in state governments. Upon his impeachment, president Grunt administration was plagued by corruption, though the military war was over. The northern radicals wanted the south to pay the destruction way of life of an aristocrat and planters.

They believed slavery was wrong but were not committed to equality. This administration lost the US people’s trust and confidence as the corruption in the administration led to economic depression.

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