Guest of honor sir, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, today is my pleasure to stand before you; to sensitize you on the role of democracy amongst our students. As we all know, it is the only way through which we can realize a prosperous future.

According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is relevant to all sectors of the society because it allows for freedom of expression by all the people at all time. Therefore, it is extremely valuable for the college administration to create a democratic space in their respective institutions (Dahl, I.A. et al., 2003).

The students should be given an opportunity to organize for free and fair elections for their leaders. This should be done in a transparent manner by allowing all of them to vote and be voted. As you will agree with me, if this continues, you will realize the role of democracy in their lives and do all that they can in translating it to the national politics for which they are being prepared.

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Moreover, the guest of honor sir, the practice of democracy in the colleges will make it possible for the administration to carry out its duties without much ado. The election of popular and appropriate student leaders will instill harmony and discipline amongst the learners. Hence, the management work can be simplified and made smoother (Brax, R.S., 2007).

In conclusion, I would like to assert that now we all understand the key benefits that can accrue to the school community if democracy is instilled into the youths at that tender age. A part from enormously benefiting the institution, it will be of a great advantage if the lesson is translated into the real world politics. This is the only way to go.

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