In an attempt to take my political ideology alignment, it should be imperative to describe what exactly is entailed in each perspective that is liberalism, conservatism and libertarianism. Liberalism describes a political system that considers safeguarding and improving the freedom of the people to be the epicenter of the political problem. Generally, liberals believe that the government is vital in protecting people from being harmed by others. However, they also acknowledge that the government itself can cause a threat to liberty. Thomas Paine, a revolutionary American pamphleteer, expressed that the government is best seen as a “necessary evil” (Common Sense, 2010). This, therefore, necessitates the use of police and judges to secure life and liberty of individuals, though their coercive power may be turned against them.

On the other hand, libertarianism is the belief in liberty. Libertarians always advocate for a free, peaceful and plenty world, where every person has unlimited opportunities to pursue her or his dreams and to actualize his or her full potential. Most libertarians favor absolute property rights which contradict to all traditions of property ownership.

Conservatism is a political doctrine that puts more emphasis on values of traditional institutions and practices. Conservatism appreciates the fact that the society does not just refer to a loose collection of individuals, but rather believes that it is a living organism comprising of connected and interdependent members. Thus, conservatives favor practices and institutions that have gradually evolved, and are manifestations of stability and continuity.

My political ideology is conservatism. Social institutions are a capital. The society that is properly ordered will have large quantities of capital. This capital does have specific properties. It involves a pattern of thought and social arrangement that is passed down across generations as a part of the culture. It is delicate and has to be conserved. In this case, prejudice is acceptable, but innovation is not acceptable. Under the backdrop of prevailing global financial crisis, it requires conservatives’ capital policies to address this menace. Capital firms have greater capacity to raise debts’ funds, and their investment sensitivity is significantly lower than that of control firms. Control governments rely on internal cash flow to support their investment expenditures.

 Evidences indicate that governments that adopt conservatism policy can raise needed funds for valuable investment opportunities. These are some of reasons why many people support this party. It also has an economic system based on the dominance of capital as a production, and creates wealth with little intervention of the state. They also are in favor of small government, low taxes, limited regulation and free enterprise.

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Some conservatism opposes to modernism and seeks a return to "the way things were", and they are somehow in the right, because why would like to change the system that people have been using, if it works. However, because everything is not perfect,  changes are necessary. I might change the political party for other results. In the American politics, power has become everything rendering ideology useless. American politicians always think more on how to get around popular democracy or to fool masses to perpetuate their ends, than to do what they truly believe in. The political ideologies assist people to understand one another and enable them to make sense of what, in most cases, seems nuisance.

There are many conflicts and different ideas as get to choose, in which there are three most vital issues on which the government has to focus. The answer of this is that the government has to focus on these three basic issues; security and justice, health and education. Firstly, by creating a safe environment not only in areas of high social class or in tourist areas for tourists that come to this country, but also for their citizens, and their children of every social class. Children can play and grow in an atmosphere of felicity. Parents would not have to worry every time their sons go out, thinking, if it might be that last time he sees his son alive. The right to health can be understood that government must generate such conditions, where everyone could be as healthy as possible. Such conditions differ from ensuring the availability of healthy working conditions, health services, , nutritious food and adequate housing . Moreover, the right to health is not confined to the right of being healthy. Due to this fact, governors should see people as their children. They need to make sure that they always receive all the best in health.

Last but not least, the education system of a country is the most vital issue, and where governments should invest not only money, but also their time to ensure all appropriate compliance. People will be creating and shaping the future of this country. Also, this can be seen as a pyramid, because each piece is as necessary as the other, and if one is not fulfilled the pyramid will collapse. On the other hand, two issues governments should never mess with are the religion and the privacy. These two issues are quite delicate and unstable, and if they do, the democracy starts to disappear and the dictatorship begins.

In conclusion, politics has always been a sensitive issue where there are many questions and few answers, which will also be impossible to fully satisfy everyone, and where everyone expects one to slip to take this place. However, behind all those problems that most people see in politics, there is an art that is appreciated by few.

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