This paper answers questions related to the American Revolution including how the conservatives resisted democratization; impacts of the American Revolution on the native Americans; and how popular views of property rights and the marriage contract prevented women and slaves from enjoying all the freedoms of the social contract.

Foner (301) noted a number of ways through which the conservatives resisted democratization. He identified them as; high order republicanism support, great vigor for respect of tradition, support for Christianity, and prayer in schools. The conservatives also supported jealously the rule of law while greatly opposing secularism.

According to Foner (314), the Native Americans suffered great impact as a result of the American Revolution including loss of land and property of great worth and of innocent lives as people died in thousands in many states. Foner also noted that the tribes that joined the famous Iroquois Confederation also lost not only some of the British rights they had been promised but also suffered from the extinction of the Confederation by the American troops.

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Foner (323) observes that in a marriage contract, property belongs to the man and not the woman. Equally, slaves were not entitled to ownership and freedom of use of property. These views were very popular in America after the American Revolution leading to limited opportunities for both the women and slaves to enjoy their freedom of the social contract.

After independence Americans who had different opinions to that based on free markets and free trade by the merchants and other leaders were exploited and looked down upon. Foner (342) further noted that there were instances in which those with different opinions undergone different forms of mistreatments because of their strong agitation for freedom. This group had a belief that free trade and markets with great self-interest was barbaric and malicious.


In conclusion, the American Revolution came with great impacts not only on economical and political issues but also on social systems.

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