It seem that yet again the Democratic turncoats have become "too polite" that they can support and vote against various key reform and policies in the house, of which are sponsored by their party.  With increasing number of turncoats emerging in democratic camp, the number of Democrats too polite to take their side has heightened and this has affected the standing of the Democratic party as there seem to be more preference for the "the anti-Democratic side in the argument" (Steve, 2008). This September alone, a number of Democratic turncoats has come out and voted against their party's stand on issues such as outsourcing, pensions, and downsizing, and production, overseas, cutting retired and current benefits.

Despite the differences of how Democrats view issues in the house, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka affirms that the handful of such disagreements in the party does not mean to cause a divorce or a rift within the party since people can argue over issues but still be friends (Rosenkrantz, 2010). As a result of democratic turncoats, some members of the democrats in the Congress have voted against the health-care legislation pushed for by the President Barack Obama's. Zack Space is one of the senators who came out to vote against the healthcare bill though he is facing an online campaign urging voters to protest his electioneering.

On the issue of healthcare, many democrats senators like Space have deemed the healthcare reforms a failure with some citing the bill as lacking popularity and thus not work supporting voting for it in the senate and house of representative. Consequently, Bart Stupak in the past predicted that a number of democratic votes will flip against the bill (Hawkins, 2010). Despite the many Democrats saying that the citizenry would embrace the bill by looking at the benefits it has, a number of turncoats have criticized the bill and have voted against it (Herszenhorn, 2010). At the same time, there are some democrats who have supported the party's bill in the through their vote in the house and are spirited in ensuring that the various bills pass through.

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Understanding about bills such as the healthcare reforms in critical in looking at the current voting alignment in the house. These undertakings have served as yardstick measuring Obamas work especially due to the fact that his agenda has been for a long time centered on heath reforms among other key issues. However, in the past, about thirty four democrats crossed the floor and voted against the bill. Presently, those in favor of the bill argue that it represent a significant development towards that attainment of Medicare and social security (Herszenhorn, 2010).

The success of the bills sponsored by the democrats is hinged on the novelty of their strategies in marshaling it troops to achieve an impeccable voting machine. It can be recalled that Obama and the Speaker Pelosi managed to convince Dennis Kucinich to back up the Democratic health care bill which saw the bill reach the finishing line (Chalian, 2010). From the democrat house leaders, it is apparent that the critical bills sponsored by the party seem to have gained momentum with many turncoats having been convinced. James Clyburn, a Democratic Representative feels confident that such bills will pass particular with new converts voting for the bill. Representatives such as Suzanne Kosmas, John Boccieri, Allen Boyd have declared that they flip their "no" votes to "yes" thus increasing the threshold necessary for the success of the Democrats (Donna & WhiteSides, 2010).

The success of the bills pushed by the Democrats however rest on the content of the bills and not necessarily on the loyalty of the individual representatives in the house. As during the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act passed in 2009, 234 representatives voted for the bill as compared to the 191 who opposed it (Kratovil, 2008). Nevertheless, the present conditions in the house may lead to either democratic turncoats backing up their party or some holding firmly the stand they have taken with regard to the bills being pushed for.

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