Voting is a democratic way of choosing a leader. It might not be an easy task, because the person has to portray the ability to organize and command the subjects. The essay focuses on Eritrea and voting in the country. In order to win the trust of the electorates in the country, the President Isaias Afewerki possessed coordination skills so that he could be in a position to bring all sectors of the country’s economy together. He was voted into the office, because of his outstanding innovative leadership styles. In fact, other than adopting appropriate leadership in the country, he was charming and authoritative, thus attracted the electorate. This enabled him to command the electorate to adopt the best practices, which would create stability in the country. 

In symbolist terms, the leader was only voted for, because he portrayed anti-Calvinist tradition that the people identified with. Furthermore, the public might perceive and vote for the leader as a reprobate, thus influence characterization and development in the country. Since presidency is the highest authority in a country, the person holding this position after being elected should demonstrate a high sense of creativity and innovativeness in his management styles. Essentially, the evidence that the leader uses to create behavior can implicitly portray the cosmic evil in its hopeless form. In this regard, he revisited the traditional opposition to Calvinism in order to be voted for, but this depended on the ideology that people embraced in that country. Indeed, the leader has to be decisive in making his remarks about the country’s administrative structure. Indeed, voting a leader sounds extraordinary, and an over-exaggeration of human nature, as far as complexity of assignment is concerned.

As a practical leader, he should lead the team of administrators to make extraordinary policies, once he is voted into the office. Indeed, the leadership structure that he adopted after being voted for actually made him successful in promoting development in the country. Furthermore, he must adopt and practice contingency leadership theories in carrying out his management duties, as this is the only way to make sure that the country achieves its main objectives. Usually, the leader carries out key decision making in the country, thus his ability to demonstrate a practical and visionary leadership style is a recipe for the country’s stability and economic success. This could be the reason that prompts people to vote for him. Proper leadership creates a unique environment between the workplace and home, and it is aimed at improving the interaction among citizens, thus calling for situational leadership. 


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In Eritrea practical leadership aspects are preferably used to tell country’s success stories manifested through voting visionary people to administrative positions. The interpretation of leadership theories continues to elicit mixed reactions about the leader’s artistic nature and might affect the probability of being voted for. However, the country is ultimately transformative, evocative and fantastic, thus prospective leaders seem to use symbolism to depict the conflicting contexts under which the country is set. This became apparent in the leader’s consistent remarks about the country’s development, possibly a famous invocation that other countries would use to determine the voting pattern. Under the pragmatic leadership of Isaias Afewerki, the country might transform the work of its citizens, whose creativity and voting styles are relatively inspiring. Although, a particular voting approach could be used in the country in order to depict an unusual setting and usher in new leadership.

In running the affairs of a country, the leader who is voted for by the people must be courageous and persistent in confronting various challenges that the state would undergo. For all reasons, the leader was perceived as a courageous person and one with a compassionate heart. In essence, his courage and compassion are some of the qualities, which make him famous and most successful in his duties. Through his courageous and persistent leadership, he was able to develop the country and improve the quality of people’s lives to satisfactory level in the country.


In April 1993, Isaias Afewerki was voted for as the President of Eritrea. He helped the country formulate communication direction or channels, which drive it towards proper decision making. Moreover, this was a practical approach towards ascertaining the type of a leader to be voted for the country’s success. President Isaias Afewerki understood that as the leader, he had to make sure that the country’s administrative structures were appropriate for its people. Ultimately, the leader is ought to seek ways of integrating a number of human aspects, which can help develop the country. As the country’s leader, he identified human nature as a series of connections, which include things such as prejudice, religious affiliations, and cultural attributes. He also noted the significance of his contribution to the country’s development, thus harnessed them. This was in comparison to the leader’s role, which was core in the development of the country.

In addition, the leader’s effectiveness in terms of task orientation and structure, the situational element and his position in the country determined the overall performance and could influence the people’s way of voting. A leader’s orientation could prove to be highly effective and productive, as far as theoretical provision is concerned. The reason for this argument is that voting exercise or style could be altered from extremely low, progressing to medium, finally to the highest turn out as the people get to realize their constitutional right to elect a good leader. In Eritrea, the President Isaias Afewerki has shown commitment to solve the country’s vulnerability during growth period, thus he stands a higher chance of getting re-elected. 

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