Even though, globalization has facilitated international relations, it is a threat to the concept of state sovereignty. For instance, this is evident in the relationships between Africa and the west. Globalization is a unification process across the whole world that increases interstate relations in terms of social, trade, technological and political dynamics. Political globalization is an aspect of globalization which is an inevitable process whereby people realize that there is interrelation globally. This interrelation is enhanced by intergovernmental organizations which facilitate economic and political welfare of the people across the globe. Effective governance results into a peaceful coexistence among various countries in the world. However, globalization threatens a country’s sovereignty, for instance, African countries, becasue the west dictate terms to them and interfere with their political rights and privileges.

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Globalization is fastened by intensified political follow ups in the whole world because each country has its own structure of undertaking certain issues that affect citizens. The global governance then emerges since there is an increased political interaction among the states. The interactions majorly are aimed at solving problems that affect a region or more than one state. This is due to the belief that problem in given states affect other states. In this regard, some critics of foreign aid have been on records citing that aid based theories and policies were far a way from reality and sound economic reasoning. Here, the main concern is that majority of western countries give aid for nothing, meaning they provide aid but do not care about the return. Therefore, it is evident that the economic constraints advanced by the globalization threaten sovereignty, because stronger and developed countries interfere with the political rights and internal affairs of the weaker and developing nations.

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