It is worth mentioning that in order to defend the Christianity as one of the most widely spread religions all over the globe, one must start with the belief that there is a Power which is considered to be God. Even though the issue might sound simple, it is rather complicated, as long as an individual with some atheistic outlooks will not be persuaded by the influence of Christianity.

As it is mentioned in the work of Sobel (2004), the existence of God is not to be proven with the help of specific scientific methods, since God cannot be neither observed nor tested. From that point of view, a lot of non-religious believers may support the idea, pointing out the fact that God has never been seen. On the contrary, a lot of well-known scientists tend to indicate that God is more likely to exist than not. The only problem in such situation is a wrong preconception. In case we picture God as a person, no one would have the chance to prove His existence. However, if one measures God as some kind of energy that could be everywhere, the understanding of God’s existence becomes quite possible.

Moreover, the fact that God didn’t write the Bible by himself might give an inspiration for atheists to decline the existence of God. The idea that people wrote the Bible with God’s Devine inspiration cannot be proven by any means and the only chance to accept such statement is to believe in it. Therefore, for a lot of people the existence of God is a question of a will and it is not supported by the intellect. As a matter of fact, for those who are searching for the truth and who are willing to believe sincerely, there is a clear evidence for the existence of God and the Bible, which was written by His inspiration.

According to Stephen (2010), most people would definitely agree that God is something personal to every individual. Mentioning the fact that the image of God might be interpreted differently by the diverse nationalities, the vast majority of people would strongly agree on the idea that God must be honest, loving, patient, all knowing, and forgiving. However, this statement should be analyzed deeply, as it is the right of every personality to either follow the pureness of God or simply behave badly. As a matter of fact, the idea that God allows bad things happen to good people is wrong. It is worth mentioning that God gives people the chance to choose their own paths in life.

As it is mentioned in the Holy Bible, it is evident that God was seen. However, considering the fact that people cannot get any audio or any kind of record with the proof of such existence, a lot of contradictions would still have their place. On the other hand, if to come back to the Holy Bible, for example to Exodus 24:9-11, there is a clear mark that God was seen by people. On the contrary, if to accept the idea that the Bible combined a lot of stories from diverse people, atheists might not accept the adequacy of the abovementioned information.

Concerning the adequacy of the Bible, atheists might compare Gilgamesh, which was written as early as 3000 B. C., to the Holy Bible. Even though these two books contain a lot of similar important symbols and events, the first is a myth and the latter is a source of diverse religions.

All in all, the question of the existence of God has been a major one for thousands of years. Furthermore, the existence of God was evident in a lot of miracles and people’s faith. However, the development of science and the change of individual’s believes have called God and His existence into question. As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of a person either to believe in His existence or not.

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