Lots of refutations and critiques have arisen as a result of the end of days theories. This is as a result of the Mayan Calendar which ending in 2012. Scientists have conducted scientific research into this prediction and even made references in an attempt to refute the 2012 end of days’ theories.

Catholic online, a site that has its foundation in the Catholic faith refers to the predictions of the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar as predictions of doom and gloom. This is purely because of the reason that, one cannot predict what will occur in the future based on the strength and intensity of the sun, stars and other cosmological bodies. Catholic online goes ahead to discredit the theory and the use of numbers to come up with an end date to the word.

A valid question posed by Catholic Online seems to sum up the whole issue in a comical way. Question is, the Mayan people do exist to this day, why is it that they are not going into hiding, or building arks or bunkers? Instead, they seem to cash in heavily on the high levels of tourism that they are experiencing as their theories become more and more popular.

Catholic online also points out that all scholars and proponents of the End of the Mayan calendar still do not universally agree its 21st December 2012. This means that it may be a mere guess and an opinion of a single individual. In summing it all up, Catholic Online simply brushes off the issue of the end of the Mayan calendar as the end of one day. It also marks the beginning of another. In a nutshell, Catholic Online seems to have refuted the end of days’ theories.

In his article, Catholics, 2012, and the end of the world; Dan Connors Clearly refutes the 2012 theories by taking on one of its proponents (Stuart, David, 2011).  Connors discredits Gersten’s two principal beliefs, one being that realities are holographic, and the other being that a significant event must occur on the day the Mayan calendar ends. He later reiterates on the fallacy of the 2012 theories and how Catholics should focus on their faith.

Historically, the study of the Mayan Calendar and the emergence of the New Age Authors started at around 1975. Since then, different ideas have come up on how the earth will witness a crucial event, one that will change the way humanity lives. However, refutations and critiques have always come up, some which have led to the collapse of previous ideas, to be accurate. Catholics also have been among those that have refuted the 2012 end of days theories.

The emergence of these theories and 2012 phenomena has played a positive role in the study of religion. This is as a result of more and more Catholics going back to their teachings, the Bible and other resources available to them in an attempt to refute the various 2012 theories. Scientifically, the Catholic refutations have also challenged the validity of the events expected to happen.

As a result of the various refutations that the 2012 phenomena proponents get, they are constantly going back to the drawing board in order to come up with different theories or just the previous ones, but making amendments to them. This has played a significant role in making sure that the 2012 proponents do not seem to agree even amongst themselves. With some disparities arising as a result of continual editing of the 2012 theories, and in an attempt to ensure that the prophecy does come to pass as, one had quoted it would have.

Regarding the relevance of the refutations to the 2012 phenomena, one would be tempted to take the position of them seeming to weaken the strength of the theories to a considerable extent and magnitude. This would also explain the reason as to why different theories, books and publications that appear on a daily basis all pointing towards the occurrence of a major event. Though they may have some similarities in that they all make some reference to the sun and its power, they seem to differ on the exact reason as to why the world will end. With some proponents even going ahead just to refer to the occurrence as an event, this confuses us more than ever.

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