Religion is explained as a lay down of convictions concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of an extraordinary society or agencies, usually involving attachments and custom observances, and often containing an ethical cipher that oversee the demeanor of human concern (Tasker,1997).

 Christianity as a religion is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ who came to earth some 2000 years ago. This religion is the most popular religion in the world with over 2 billion followers. Christians believe that there is one God and Jesus is His son. They believe in the trinity, that is, God as father, Jesus the son and the Holy Ghost. Christians also value life after death and this forms the major argument of their existence.

  On matters regarding marriage, religions follow the doctrines provided for by their respective Holy Books which include among others: the Bible and Quran. They institute marriage between a man and a woman and they follow this to the latter.

  Religion, according to the people, is a special gift that God gave to mankind so as to cement the relationship between mankind and God. Religion is considered volatile since it is spiritual in nature. Christianity, for example, is considered holy and pure. This attribute makes its followers all around the world try as much as possible to remain at par with the scriptures. The Holy Books presented to different religions were meant to shape man activities while dealing with others and with God. Therefore the Holy Books are also considered sacred for the teachings they represent. Christianity advocates for “do to others what you want them to do to you”.

     This philosophy is widely reciprocated amongst other religions altogether. People of the contemporary world regard religion as the better way of living and they are skeptical about accommodating changes that are happening. They believe that if they follow the doctrines, then they are in a better position in regard to God’s judgment to mankind. A clear study carried upon all religions depicted the element of fear instigated upon man by a superhuman being that is in control (Tasker, 1997).

 The superhuman being expects a man to behave in a certain manner lest He (the superhuman being) punishes a man for his wrong way of life. This element of fear is the main cause of volatility not only in Christianity but also in the other religions of the world.

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  The religious institution therefore constitutes a body that oversees man’s action towards other bodies of the society like marriage and sex. According to Christianity and other religions only marriage is meant for human beings of opposite sex. Marriage is composed of a man and a woman who come together for the purpose of raising a family, that is, Procreation. Marriages between members of the same sex are not only considered evil but also an abomination (Rogers, 2006). In most religions, sex is meant for procreation with God and perhaps companionship. Sex meant for enjoyment or pleasure is considered evil and ungodly.

 Since time immemorial, religions have always looked down upon women and mankind has always grown to know that women hold a certain low position in the society. For instance, in Christianity, women were supposed to be submissive to their husbands and be always loyal. However, with the changing world, these concepts need to be addressed wholly. The contemporary society advocates for individuals right to marry whoever they wish. The position of women in the society is another major cause of worry that religions across the world overlook. In this century we have witnessed women doing great things that men have not even managed to do. Women have been involved in doing recommendable works that have earned them praise and honor across the world.

 In this era, it would be wise to state that slavery is practiced within major religions in the sense that the followers are expected to follow the doctrines of their denominations without questioning or suspicion. Those who are perceived to go against this rule are considered rebels and they undergo major punishment that may include torture and excommunication.

These issues need to be addressed and change effected since religious institutions were never granted for the will to judge but were rather formed to help man to achieve his main goal of living properly. Religions should advocate for uplifting women’s position in the society and cease treating them as mere objects, they should be ready to advocate for change no matter the cost (Shelby, 2006).

Religious institutions were initially formed with the aim of promoting humanity and the move to go against this proves insincerity amongst them. They are perceived to be preaching water while they drink wine (Shelby, 2006). As expected of them, they should follow the golden rule that advocates for positive living amongst them. Outdated doctrines and irrelevant way of life should be discarded altogether and be replaced with new doctrines that work for good.

 In this case it would be wise for religions all across the world to be very certain that the traditional doctrines initially advocated by their different denominations are certainly correct before going ahead to put them into practice since the Golden Rule present in all world religions and non-religious moral systems, advocates for individual obligation to be sure that we are upholding the truthful position.

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