Jainism is the oldest incessant monastic custom in the eastern religion, India. Science has been one of the key contemporary issues in any religion. Monasticism is a way of religious life typified by the practice of abandoning earthly pursuits to dedicate ones' self to religious or spiritual work (Rambachan, 1994). These beliefs and practices encounter a lot of challenges due to the current life style and practices.

The Jain society evolve into two core divisions based on monastic obedience: the Digambara or sky-clad monks who do not put on clothes, possess nothing, and gather donated foodstuff in their palms; and the Svetambara or white-clad nuns and monks who dress in white robes and carry bowls for contributed foodstuff (Coutsoukis, 2004). The community has a lot of challenges in trying to live in accordance to the traditions since the world has changed, and some practices are against the legal procedures. Walking naked is a public indecency. Not owning anything means increased rate of dependency.

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The Digambara do not allow the likelihood of women attaining liberation; this is a contemporary issue that Jainism has to battle since it is against human rights. The interrelationship practices have become a challenge the religion is fighting in order to keep religion traditions intact. The worldly problems are overwhelming to the spiritual ones that they invoke the gods to intercede, these are challenges brought about due to changes in community values and practices. In addition to its plentiful support of shrines, the Jain society, with its lengthy scriptural custom and riches gained from commercial practices, has forever been recognized for its philanthropy and particularly for its support of learning and education. Their prestige institutions located in cities have allowed the students to interact with others, and borrow some practices.


Contemporary issues of Jainism come about due to the globalization trends of the world. Science and technology are the main causes of the contemporary issues.

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