Judaism is the fourth largest religion in the Middle East. The religion has close to five million followers living mainly in Israel. Statistics show that only about one and half per cent of the adherents live outside Israel: mainly in Palestine and North Africa. This implies that Judaism is the main religion practiced in Israel. This essay will shade some green light on the central theme of this religion. Through this paper the issue of monotheism in the light of Judaism will be discussed. The paper also explores the way conservation takes place with God as pertains to Judaism.

According to the Minnesota State University website (n.d.), Judaism is considered a monotheistic religion. The adherents of this religion believe that the world was created by, “a single, all knowing divinity,” (Minnesota 1), further, the divinity is attributed with having created all things in the world and that the creations have a purpose and meaning as part of divine order (Minnesota 1). From the same site it is made clear that at Mount Sinai God revealed the manner he expected his creations to follow. This code of conduct is contained in the Torah- a covenant between God and the followers of Judaism (Minnesota 1).

Kjeilen (2009) gives a more detailed analysis of the Torah. First, he describes it as the central theme of Judaism and claims that it was first made by Abraham then renewed with Isaac and further Jacob. This covenant was then extended further down through Moses in form of the Ten Commandment which is meant to guide the way the Jews live. Kjeilen (2009) further describes Judaism as a religion of waiting. The Jews believe that the covenant they have with God makes them special people in the world and that they are chosen people with special responsibilities and rights (Kjeilen 1). 

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The Jews have got many tradition festivals. The main festival is the Sabbath undertaken on a weekly basis. There are many other festivals carried out annually and some are performed once in a lifetime. The Jews make prayers three times a day. The Jews are required to recite numerous benedictions in the course of the day in reverence to God. There are daily services during which the rabbi reads part of the Torah followed by chanting of prayers from the Siddur. There are many other festivals performed in the course of the year through which the Jews reconnect with their God. These include Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur which the Jews consider the most holy days. Chanukah which corresponds to the Christian Christmas, Sukkoth, Pesach, Shavuoth and Purim are among the popular festivals which unite the Jews with their God. The Jewish observe kosher in the preparation of their food: it is considered a sign of holiness (Kjeilen 1).

From the above discussion, the Jewish believe in one God. A special pact exists between the Jews and God. This pact (the Torah) gives the Jews special privileges which will be pronounced when the messiah comes back. The Jewish have got many festivals which they observe. They range from daily to weekly and then annually. Some of them are performed once in a lifetime. These festivals are meant to link them with their God by making conversations possible.

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