The values which are depicted to be belonging to nonviolence principle in the context of Christian and thus depicting nonviolence principle as a method of transforming the world around and making it a better (Merton 1). According to the Bible (2009), one ought to love his/her enemies as he love himself/herself: “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Mathew 5: 44). This is in line with the principle of nonviolence for if you love your enemies you will never want to cause any harm to them. The Jain principle of ahimsa has the same objective of ensuring that people live in peace without hurting each other.

Singh (2001) advocates for embracing of the Jain principle of ahimsa has he believes that it can Impact the society in a positive way. He claims that it is quite helpful for development of the social aspects. Actually, the Jain principle can be viewed as a social virtue at the same time an individual virtue. Similarly, the Christian principle of non violence can be viewed in the same light.

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It is a social virtue as well as an individual virtue. If either of the principle is embraced by the society as well as by individuals the result will be similar as both advocate the same thing using the mechanism. Such values ought to be embraced in today’s society which is full of hatred, violence tension, misunderstanding and fear.

Non violence principle or the Jain principle is a principle which advocates for use of non violence in the aspects of every day challenges. This is significant because it will help to keep order in the society. It will help to reduce the amount of violence witnessed in the society on a daily basis.

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