God’s existence

Many believers and non believers doubt if God really exists because there is no specific proof but that is simply because he is not physical or material, he is spiritual and infinite. God is perfect being because he is most perfect; if he never existed he would not be perfect. The argument from design also proves his existence, this enormously complex mechanism of the universe has been designed and it must have been designed by God.

God exists but the arguments are very different. They all have different starting points but all lead to the same point which is God. On the contrary, Atheists argue that these different arguments that explain about God’s existence do not contain sufficient evidence that can make us believe. Certain Atheists acknowledge that faith alone is the one that makes people believe that God really exists as his existence might not be amenable to demonstration. (Swinburne, 1996)

The Relationship of Philosophy to Other Fields

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All human beings need moral ideas because they are not born with instincts that should help them determine what they want or they think. It has a strong influence on the day to day life. Philosophy is very important as it helps us in a great way in that it directs us through our everyday lives. Philosophy guides us through every action that we undertake and although it might not be acknowledged, every one lives by a philosophy. It also has a value in the study and also particularly in the application of the wisdom that one obtains.

Philosophy helps us understand and it greatly enlightens us at the same time. It is always committed to talking about the truth only although its truth is never given and is never complete as it is hard to close out the totality that it strives to capture. People benefit from thinking more philosophically in that it tends to examine evidence already in use, mostly trying to put it into a clear perspective rather than seeking new data. Someone with critical thinking can be able to understand the logic between ideas, identify arguments, detect any mistakes, be able to solve problems, identify importance of the ideas and reflect justification of one’s beliefs. (Irwin, 2011)

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