The act of evil is the root cause of the problems affecting the society. Most of the evils can be controllable by man. Some of the common evils committed by man are witchcraft, murder, raping and other sort of evil worshipping normally practiced by the people. People will engage in evil worshipping to safeguard their interest and to gain resources more easily. They eventually end up in Satan worshipping. Greed for wealth has led to societal evils. This is evident in the increased rate of immorality, mass killing and people dying in mysterious ways. Christians believe that evils undermine the will of God towards his people. Evil brings suffering to people. In most cases, people fall victims of the actions of the negligent ones. Evil removes peace enjoyed by the people.

Problems of evils in the world

The act of evil can be classified as either natural or moral. Moral evils are the causes of the suffering affecting the society. Examples of the moral evils include crime committed against other people. It may entail killing or hurting them. Natural evils are not controllable by the man and include; floods, illness, earthquakes and other natural calamities. According to Christians, Satan has undermined the traditional characteristic of God. Satan has ruined the entire world through his corrupt act. When society is viewed, it is evident that the problem of evil is rampant. Through his word and teachings, Satan has spread his rules to the society. People who follow evil actions do them in anticipation of good things from the Satan. People who are opting for evil acts are increasing on daily basis. Some of the problems which are as result of evil action include the increase in the cases of mass killings across the world, rise in crimes around the world, rapid increase on the usage of drugs and also killing of the unborn ones in the name of fighting for the rights of women. Evil acts have spread in governments across the world. Every day, cases of countries in war are reported, people starving, drugs peddling and all sort of crisis. Leaders in the government view peoples as objects in the game of power. People’s interest will be overlooked and expected to view their leader as small gods (William, pp. 11-23).

Views of Christians

Christianity is a belief in one supreme God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. According to Christianity, anything that is deemed to undermine professes of God is evil. The preaching and Christian doctrines in fact rotate around two fundamental practices; holy and evil. The bible, holy Christian book, adamantly states that all those that do not practice that which is holy will be condemned when the judgment day comes.

Christian doctrine preaches against evil but the insistence of the potential doom borne by evil doing does not warrant Christians to segregate themselves from the evil people. Instead, the bible encourages all believers to forgive those that act against them and be good examples in the societies. The bible states that every man is given an opportunity to redeem their soles before the damnation day by repenting their sins and denouncing their evil deeds. Repentance is the only repatriation for man to God. According to the bible, men were bound to be doomed until Jesus Christ, the only son of God, came to the earth and died to redeem men and override their evil heritages with a promise for a life after death.

Christianity profoundly believes that all good deeds will be repaid with good when the righteous people get to the Promised Land. Conversely, the evil deeds that are plotted and executed on earth will be repaid with painful everlasting hell fire. Christian lifestyles can be compared with noble living where everybody is expected to do what they would like to be done to them. Whether a Christian or not, a study of the bible provides solutions to all life’s’ challenges with the only dividing line between Christianity and other doctrines being believe in Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Christians believe that evils undermine the will of God. The solution of evil in the society can only be solved through obedience. In instances where society obeys Ten Commandments unconditionally, then moral evils will have been removed from the society. Obedience which is expected from the society should be free from God control. This means we should have control over our actions.

Satan has influenced people way of life. He has contributed to disobedience of peoples towards God. People who are attending churches are decreasing with days. Large proportion of those attending churches and who claims to be Christians live like Satan saints. People claiming to be Christians take part in approving all sorts of sins. They observe government agent commit long towards its citizens. The kind of Christian will observe cases of illicit sex, killing of babies, pastors committing sins in churches. The kind of Christians will celebrate sins. God is not impressed by such actions committed by the people (Barrington, pp.120-128)

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God want children to grow in fear of him and in the right ways, but currently parent are teaching their children evil way without realizing it. Children get satanic teaching through TV shows. Parents no longer care the kind of programs watched by there children. Children grow adapting to the kind of the environment they are exposed to. `Some of the moves children grows with mode their characters and end up becoming anti Christ.  Children who grow exposed to evil act end up dominating country population. The end result is a population that approves satanic act in the country (Barrington, pp.120-128). Prophesies have warned of doom ahead. Satan has brought storms evils of in the world, and is prepared to destroy everything that comes across. The storm of evil is coming with such acts as usage of drugs that come with it deadly viruses, mass killing of people because they share different ideologies with others. The fruits of evil are evident every where. This is characterized by increase of crimes, murder, killing of the unborn and raping of children. A Christian believes Satan is ending peace we have been enjoying as society, and only Christ will save us from his mission (Barrington, pp.120-128)

Views of groups that worship evils

Satanism is a palpably, atrocious and selfish religion. In the world there exist millions of Satanists. The group spread across the world. The reason behind the increase of the trend in the society is the urge of the young to seek identity in easy ways which are provided for by Satanism. According to Christian, Satanism is characterized with such trait as ungodly, disreputable, immoral and contentious behaviors. Satanism is defined differently by different group in the world. The practice can be dated as early as 3200 B.C. Many society characterized Satanism and evil with mysterious forces such as thunder and hostility. In the ancient Greek Satanism was identified with independence and magic which was used basically for the survival. Those who believe in Satanism and evil harm others by use magic power and curses. The group that worships Satan does this to identify themselves with power. Satan is identified as symbol of the supremacy. Followers of Satan believe that he is divine, a redeemer of mankind and symbol of change (William, pp. 11-23).

Belief on Satanism encompasses some of the traditional practices which are then branded with other modern practices. There are different groups across the world that worship Satan, but have common selfish traits. Some of the common traits are those that are normally followed by Satanist are; indulgence, non self-denial, vital survival, undefiled insight, non deceitful self deception, kindness only to those who deserve it, no wasting of love, revenge, accountability only to those accountable and to view man just like another animal. The group that worship evil believes on certain sins which believers should keep off from, this are; stupidity, affectation, solipsism, self dishonesty, herd consistency, lack of viewpoint, unproductive conceit and lack of aesthetics. Satan worship work in hierarchical systems. Followers move from the lowest level to the highest one. Practice of evil worshiping is secretive, where members are expected to keep secrets of their activities. In traditional group member offers their offerings and worship their deities (William, pp. 11-23).

People who worship evil do this to get favor and solve their problems. Some of the favors worshipers expect to get are healing of diseases, solution to sexual problems, attain joy and destroy their opponents. Common sexual problems that people want solved are low libido power and poor sexual strength. People are misled that when they become members of the religion the kind of problems will be solved. Members of the cult may plot destruction of their opponents where they feel threatened. Normally rituals are performed to the targeted person and destruction expected immediately. For one to become member of the cult he/she have to follow certain doctrine, failure to which he/she will be considered unrighteous (William, pp. 11-23).

People who worship evil will not hesitate to perform or undertake any task to serve Satan, as long they get what they want by following the set doctrines. Members will go as sacrificing their loved ones to please evil. Groups that worship Satan have various rules which govern their behaviors. These  rules include; member will not be expected to give his/her opinion unless asked to do so, members are not expected to share their problems unless they are sure others want to hear from them, if a person annoys you, then you have to punish them cruelly. The members believe that people should not be protected from their stupid acts (William, pp. 11-23).


Evil act brings about sins in the world which lead to suffering. Most of the people who engage themselves in the evil acts are the youths, who want recognition. The youth also seek to gain more easily. This leads them to engage in such activities even if it means sacrificing others. The problem can be minimized by empowering the youths and also educating them on the importance of avoiding evil action. Evil action is spread in the society through allowing children to watch evil program. Children grow up exposed to those evil acts. To minimize this there is need for the parents to check on the TV shows to be watched by children. Another cause of the increase in evil in the society is the ignorant of Christian to play its role in the society. Christian should play big role in ensuring moral value are safeguarded in the society. Christian should criticize when evil is committed

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